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Ummm.  It doesn't matter what the voltage is.  It's the current (Amperage) that usually causes fatalities.  A common personal GGCI is rated to trip at 10ma because 20ma is enough to cause fibrillation which can result in death.  It has nothing to do with the part being a "cheap knockoff" if the conditions were right.   The human body can actually withstand Kilovolts of electricity as long as the amperage and conditions are optimal.   My favorite...
I love you!   It took 100 posts before I figured you out.   How about Sol?  It's very biblical...   I would actually like to know the wireless capabilities of some of the new items are even being reported.  Even though they are far fetched.   Don't let your beautiful mind go to waste.  Umm, not like the movie.
I like you and i really don't like you.  I'm thinking connotation wise within the article.
You  probably will not see that on building 7...   Or in Penn.   Or in D.C.
Yea, it did do that.  Early my days.
Do you actually know anything about software?  Just curious...
The non-comoditized item is what I call the (Under O.S.)  An operating system that can run anything quote "below it".   I know people who are developing this and it will be a bain/pain to Google, MS, and APPL.  It's the highest common denominator.   I honestly didn't give anything away that wasn't already cemented.  Besides what I already deleted.
Yes, and recently (in my life time at least) those of us in America had a president escape Impeachment due to the definition of the word "is".   I'm very well versed in the stock exchange.  There should be a separate forum for such topics.
Sorry if my quote of yours is out of context, but I agree.   It doesn't matter if I have purchased 50k worth of hardware designed by Apple, when I post a grievance of a minor/major item in any thread I get "bashed" or probably hidden.  This has become rather cultish.  I don't really mind if I'm hidden...   I find it even more hilarious that if I walk into an APPL store, they immediately know my purchasing history (products owned) and will even pull up service bulletins...
Well, when I was 8, I learned Cobal.  My father thought it was fun because I had to keep running to the computer with a punch card.  Lots of fond, extremely vague memories.   When I was nine I learned Pascal.  Not so much of a sentimental memory there.  Just my father teaching me.   When I was ten I learned Basic.  Honestly, still no real memories other than the programming that I remember.  I got my dad a beer a few times, which he called "drinks" back then.   When I was...
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