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O.k. I get it. I had to think about your response for a moment.Please correct me if I'm wrong.So because you still have to plug in your phone or iPad to put the beta on it, the new UDID system wouldn't work, because you still have to download it through you developer account, which does not use the new UDID system.So when do you think everything will move to the identifier including developers?
Thank you very much!/ no sarcasm.
I thought, due to a lot of reading, that apple was trying to do away with UDID. I'm not as well read as some of you with technology, but wouldn't this show up in iOS 6? Meaning, now it's here! ...and by the way UDID doesn't work any more. No more tracking guys! I'm generalizing of course, but are we seeing a new level of security that the Senators keep calling Apple out on? I would love to hear Sol's well thought opinion of this.
Before someone beats me to it... Yes, during opperation 'paperclip', we took every scientist from Germany we could. At the end of the war. Just saying before someone says, everyone steals! Very far off from thread though. Sorry.
I still call BS on this. Meaning the heat issue. I couldn't notice it during the winter (march), and I can't notice it now in July sitting on the deck. It still hasn't even shut down on me in the sun like my original iPad used to do. As my friends would say "I'll flag that!" ...meaning prove it.
I'm certainly not a neurologist, but I am well read. Back in WWII, we supposedly took every Japanese person or persons of descendant an put the in internment camps.Yea WE did that.Now supposedly we learn from history... Always quandered about this.Would Apple, who's "doubling down" on security. Want to hire some one who could "phone home" so to speak.Maybe they do. I wouldn't. Just MHO! Very humble opinion.
I had to look that one up, but excellent analogy!
As always, it's better to read about it than live through things like this. Though I feel bad for the developers with bad reviews as a result. Imagine if everyone got all up tight every time the electricity went out... That only makes news when hundreds of thousands of people are affected.
What happened to "only a retard"?You sure are starting to live up to what you claim about other people in your posts...
That's a pretty bad issue you've got yourself there. I actually spent five or so minutes thinking of where in a conversation this would fit in without the speaking person looking like a complete a$$hole. I was unsuccessful...
New Posts  All Forums: