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Where's Gator(google)guy when you need an official google statement on something like this?
Once you go Mac, you won't go back! :o)
So Europe has us beat on cell phone data packages, we have them beat on cable connection. Which would you rather have? I WILL join a riot if they cap cable or fiber connections! I promise that. Anyway, more to the thread... Aperture is probably the best piece of software I ever purchased. It's just awesome!
Meaning to use three different apps 'full screen' at the same time. My last post might have seemed a little ambiguois. My bad!
Confirmed. However, when Apple finally allows 'Full Screen' to actually work on ONE screen at a time, that's when I'll sit up and take notice. I have three screens running right now on my iMac, but 'full screen' literally blanks two out. Denim guys, just denim. Every time I see a keynote, I wonder "that's what I thought a Mac could do." Really, I like the new features. Seriously! But two or three screens... Denim my friends. That's all. Just denim... Full screen...
Walking into a Staples , you wouldn't know Apple even existed. It's weird. I wanted to get my newest book printed, professionally, for submission... I had to wait, and looked at their phones. I must say the new phones look great! Everyones! The Droid graphics on the display model really pulled me in. I thought "Motoralla". Ok. And the screen LOOKED huge. Mind you, the Motorolla was the only one that was powered apparently. Then I put my iPhone 4S over it, and it...
Now granted I'm young but I've been reading this and other apple sites, including FOSS, for a decent amount of time and I just have to throw my hands up in the air at this point. I mean.... Really? This is really getting out of hand. IMHO.
Yes, I was told that. What we Americans would think is funny though was that it was a barker at a carnival devoted to some guy who tried to kill the English government. That's not usually celebrated here. ...although, listening to many older (mature) people here, it might be celebrated if it happened here also! :o) And they say it weird. I'm 8 Stone 2. They still put the Lbs. in at the end. I thought it was pretty cool though! Sorry to hijack the thread. It's from...
I think this discussion started with HEAT generated by the processors. Glad you brought it to this level. "I had to remove what was typed here"
I was making a rhetorical statement about why it shouldn't be, and at the same time asking for a similar demonstration from the competing chip. As for why I was even asking, if you study the architecture, it thought it involves power reduction for equal tasks. Depending on how deep you read and how much you believe, it goes to 1-16th of the power. I may have misinterpreted...http://www.arm.com/products/processo...hitectures.php
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