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Just to help you out, the last trip I took to England they asked me how many "Stones" I was. I heard it quite often in London, and apparently it's commonly used. *Stones is apparently a STILL used metric of weight in England.
So why then isn't the Tegra 3, burning people's finger prints off? 4 "Huge" GPU's plus I would guess 4 "Huge" CPU's, but wait, there's a fifth... oh, and if you look at other blogs, I guess it has 12 cores.
Strange, my brother kept saying today "With increased power, comes increased responsibility." I don't know why, but I found your post funny! My brother is 14 by the way...
O.K. 45 min of streaming LTE(4G) and the back of mine is still 'cool to the touch' so to speak. It's not hot at all. It not even WARM. I left it 'back' down on a room temperature desk, with the smart cover under it (it's leather, which holds heat well). After a 44min. show, it was metallic cold to the touch. On every corner! I'm starting to think that either I'm lucky, or the heat thing is just troll stuff. I thought that at first until I had seen this article from...
I don't think it's LTE. Right now I'm purposely leaving mine on playing Netflix over LTE (4G). It's still cool to the touch on the back. I'll report back! :o)
Is this something that only happens to a small number of units? Mine always seems cool to the touch. Seriously. I usually have the 'smart cover' over the back, but after I use it for a while and close it the back is pretty cool. Like that cold metallic feeling. You guys are more read than I, but everything I've looked at with the new ARM (been studying their architecture) and even Nvidia chips document that they use less power, by significant amounts than the previous...
Yes. It's in a "We'll be back soon" state.
I may agree on the display, but... So, all of my schooling about "bleeding edge technology" and you think they're paying the same as they did LAST year? I don't have time to post the references like Sol, and I wish I could match Tallest's pics... Can you show me a link please of where the costs are "at least a little more", besides the new display...
Kudos! Definite Kudos for that!
I thought that was Talllests' gig.... good one though.
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