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I don't care if you're from 2005... really?  Have you seen one since you joined?   Are you one of those Matte Petition people?  Honestly, has that gone far?  I hope it doesn't.
Edit:  Oh, this still works.   There's trolls out there just passing you by...   ...no, not really.  Not tonight, or this morning. 
I still think you're a shill, but I agree that the popular screen size has gone beyond what Apple wants to do without fragmentation.   Honestly if dollars are voting, (and not sane people), they'll increase the screen size.  Sadly in the fast moving world of cell phones, next year may be too late.   They do have a history of surprising.     Normally in the U.S. the fashion moves from the West coast to the East coast.  This would be a surprising reversal.
Well... I'm not sure how to take your info.  You seem like a shill.  The European bit gives you and edge though.  I was in Europe recently, and I honestly noticed very few iPhones.  I did see a lot of iPads!   I agree that the larger screen sizes are nice, and I see them a lot in New England.  I do have a hard time understanding your build quality statements.  Unless they were purchased for them (the younger ones) then if I absolutely had to go with an Android phone it...
Any chance you could post a pic of the add?  Honestly just because I'm curious.
Thanks!   Just remember that it could go lower, and it could go higher.  (LOL)  Anything further than that and you've gone beyond reality with APPL.  The P/E ratio, proffitabillity, Debt, market saturation and even rumors do NOT affect APPL.   Not a ton in it, but enough to watch and wonder.
No, you did your typical "attack my statement because I didn't offer proof" mantra.   I was one of the people who asked for you to come back.  Only because you keep the real troll levels down.  Don't attack normal people please.   Moore's law is still at work in hard drives, SSD's, circuit boards, and processors.  Just because Haswell didn't improve in speed doesn't mean it didn't improve.  In this day the power reduction could really be seen as conforming to Moore's law....
If you agree then why ask?  Do you not like me?   Ten years ago the most popular USB drive was 250Meg, and the most popular drive was 80Gig.  Don't get me wrong, you can still do basic file sharing with something that small.  But how useful would they be today?     Don't you have a troll to fry?...   Edit: I looked up most popular sales during that timeframe.  It may be skewed.  Also, from what I've witnessed about electronics.  They could last 10 seconds or could last 10...
My own insignificant opinion would be that this is for the Mac Pro .  The wall paper anyway.  It was even eluded to in the keynote.   The next logical thought would be that the iMac would support that resolution, but it would be hard pressed to do anything else at this point.  Unless the decreased heat from the Haswell chip allowed them to put a non-mobile graphics card or chip in the new iMac enclosure.  I'm only guessing.   My third thought, and going way 'out on a...
At the risk of sounding like Apple's own shill who frequently over posts on this site, (short quick posts) what would be the point of putting a drive in it?  The display could possibly last for 10 years.  However 10 years from now that drive will be useless even if it still works.
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