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  Why, if you don't mind, does it sound like you wrote that as you were literally just falling asleep?
Yea, I like that!  I also hope it's true.   The two posts previous to you tried to make it seem like their schedule is so busy they don't even bother to look at it.  I will tell you that if you do have a busy schedule, it's literally the thing you keep looking at all the time.  Especially if you see a clock.  Might as well make it look nice while you're staring at it.
I really don't like it and I've been trying to get used to it for a week now.  The year view is worse (which I use a lot for some unknown reason).   I'm horrified by the new hospitalized white version of iOS7.   I understand that it's just the stock apps, and it's great there are replacements.   It just kind of gets to me that Apple knows how to code very well, but now they're regressing on the UI.  The UI which made them famous.  So now we need to turn to 3rd party apps...
With your first post on this thread you had me wondering.  As another stated, you seemed as though you found a tiny nugget of gold and started jumping up and down.  You were correct, but you seemed to be using it to stir a monumental debate on this thread.     As you had so eloquently put it, yes that is Tim Cook up there next to a big screen showing a metric of "units shipped" and not units sold.  Please read my earlier post.  It was a DEVELOPER conference and he was...
Shipped does not equal sold.  Especially in this case.   With Mountain Lion, you could purchase it once and download it to all of your machines.  I have four machines, so that's one sale and four SHIPPED copies.  Also, if you purchased a Mac somewhere around a month previous to the release of ML you were allowed a free download.   The same was true about Lion.   Shipped means SHIPPED.  It does NOT mean SOLD.  I don't really see what's so hard to understand.   I'm also...
Not really.  You would still need a VM or Boot Camp if you were to use most of the MS file formats.   It doesn't matter if you have NTFS or not, you're still not going to click on a Windows Media File and get it to play.  Amongst many others.   Even the new iCloud solution isn't getting around that.
Upon removing the top cover of the new AirPort Extreme, iFixit found in its teardown that the device includes 3.5 inches of empty space. The solutions provider was able to fit a standard-sized 3.50inch SATA hard drive inside the device without issue. That's amazing! I think during the keynote it was explained that they could fit a hard drive in there... Was I the only one there who listened?
No!  No!  No!  If you have Mountain Lion then this is Mountain Lion the way it was supposed to be.  It's literally everything that was missing.   I would suggest getting it.  If you have more than one display then I would say it's most definitely needed.
I agree that with your thought that a name does imply brand recognition.  However, socially it's forgotten as soon as it's recognized.   Perhaps in London people may say "I'll send you an iMessage"  However with four years of social psychology behind me, it usually gets broken down to the most immediate and recognizable thought.  In my area it's "I'll text ya".  Whether it's grammatically correct or not.   So the naming convention doesn't work in your respect.  ...at...
So surely you couldn't just say "call me on the ipad later", or what's become popular in the N.E. as "I'll slap ya later".   Does your circle of friends have to look up Wikipedia before they tell you what they're doing?  Do they really say "I'm going to face time audio you later tonight before I go to bed at around 11:00ish?"   You're a hoot!
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