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You want to know why it hasn't caught on in-store? Because it's a pain in the ass. Staples still makes you sign for Apple Pay, which defeats a major point of using it in the first place. So I might as well just use a credit card, honestly. Get rid of signatures, and your Apple Pay use will go up. McDonald's doesn't make me sign. Walgreens doesn't make me sign. Why does Staples?
Something is horribly wrong, then. LTE just launched in Aiken, SC where I live, and it went from 8 mbps to 50 mbps. Huge difference. And I don't notice a hit to my battery life at all.   Now, that said, there's an easy battery fix for you. Go into your settings, choose General, then Cellular Data. Turn off LTE, and now you're back to always using 4G.
Why? Just because you don't jailbreak doesn't mean other people don't find it necessary. Most jailbreakers don't pirate iOS apps (there's far more to it than that), so I don't see why this is good other than plugging a security hole, something jailbroken devices can do anyway through Cydia.
Hardly. Console gaming and touch-screen mobile gaming are completely different beasts. People need to stop comparing the two.
You guys are really stretching to make this PS4 news Apple-related.
Well, rumors are that the intro price is $250. If that's true, it'll be a huge success.
Specs aren't everything. A lower powered iPad runs at the same or better than a higher speced Android tablet. The A6 and iOS are so much more efficient. Plus, anyone who owns an iPhone likely wants to stay within the iOS ecosystem. They instantly own a bunch of apps for it just because they bought them on their iPhone.
Yeah, but that also mean 4 out of 5 iPad mini sales are the result of new buyers. Good news.
That's the same one from the article.
So who's gonna be the first brave soul to try one?
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