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I am a bit confused about how MobileMe works with Mail. Does it only do push functionality with the "yourname@me.com" email address or can I use it with my other pop personal mail accounts. I have a couple of email accounts loaded into Mail as well as my iphone and I would love for them to be linked. If I send an email with a non me.com email account from my iphone should it appear in my sent messages on my computer?
My apple tv is at version 1.1 but when I click to update is says it is up to date. It doesnt seem to find the version 2.0 update. I am living outside the US but have a US Itunes account running. Any ideas on how to get the take 2 update?
I think the current 8 GB is the new 4 GB model. There will more than likely be a 3G or 16GB model announced in the next few weeks to take over the $600 price point.
Thanks for the replies... very interesting stuff. In the country I live in, people don't use voicemail anyways so that is the least of my concerns right now. Is it safe to assume that if the iphone is unlockable that anyone getting one will have to pay for the 175 cancellation fee? Do you think this fee is just insurance for AT&T so that if it does get unlocked that they at least get something out of every iphone sold?
I know this is the million dollar question alot of people are wondering this week. I live abroad so the only way I can get my hands on an iphone before 2008 is if someone figures out to unlock it. I was wondering what the more tech savy people out there thought of the chances of this happening. I know nobody will know until it is released but is it possible for apple to make it impossible to unlock? Is it only a matter of time before someone figures it out? I don't...
I originally bought my Intel Mac Pro without an airport card because it would have delayed the shipping considerably. Does anyone know if the airport extreme cards you can buy in the store will work in the mac pro's? Are the cards currently available 802.11n? Also if I have one of the new base stations that run at 802.11n, will it work with airport extremes that I currently use to extend the range?
how does one get one of the new airport cards for the mac pros, i don't seem them anywhere
Do the Mac Pro's use the same airport cards the G5's and other macs did or is it a new card? I bought a Mac Pro without a wireless card so i could get it faster. I want to get a wireless card for it but don't know if the old ones will work. If there is a new one is it available now to purchase?
I noticed that if you removed the airport extreme card from the BTO Mac Pro configuration is changed the ship time from 2-4 weeks to 5-7 days for me. I am moving abroad in 2 weeks and wanted to take the computer with me so I did this option. I called Apple store and they said it would work but then I read some article saying that there was some new version of the airport extreme card called the airport express that would be coming out in the Mac Pro's and this is why they...
So what happens if you have the original updater downloaded? My build shows 8J2135. Is it possible to still update to the 8J2135a? How to you get the fixes they forgot to update?
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