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Hi All, Has anyone been having trouble loading the iCloud calendar app at icloud.com in the past few days? When I click the Calendar in icloud.com, it opens and immediately I get an error message saying: Cannot Load Calendar Help Apple improve iCloud by reporting this problem. Reload Report to Apple Close Calendar I subscribe to the iCloud calendars of three other people so I know when their work shifts are, etc. and they are noticing some problems too.
It appears the iBooks app is US-only, too. Hmmm, FAIL.
The iBooks application looks great, but I can't see anywhere whether or not it reads PDFs in the same way as it does ePub-formatted eBooks. Is this information available yet? I would be surprised, and disappointed, if it was exclusively ePub-only.
Hi all, Over the weekend I installed Snow Leopard, and generally I am impressed with it. But, QuickTime Player X has let me down a bit. I do like the new user interface, but is seems very choppy when playing videos: - that fill the screen (but not in full screen mode) - that are in full screen mode and I turn on the horizontal stretch feature to make a 'square' video fill the whole screen. Has anyone else noticed this? In addition, with Perian...
I wonder if a Cocoa-based iTunes is on the cards, to coincide with the imminent release of Snow Leopard...
Agreed. iTunes needs a rethink. First off, iTunes is far too slow these days, and suffers from quirks in the user interface that are inherint in Carbon applications. A full Cocoa rewrite, with 64-bit support, is what should be the primary focus of iTunes for the Mac now. And if they can rethink how music, movies, rentals, iPhone applications, ringtones, etc., are all stored, then all the better. What annoys me a bit is that iTunes does all these things, yet it is...
I'm disappointed Apple keep patenting everything, BUT this would be a very welcome addition to Safari! Often I have iTunes running, and i load a site, and suddenly these strange sounds start playing. Aarghh!
Hello all, Just got my iPhone 3G yesterday, and am wondering what an icon is on the status bar. Next to where my service provider's name is, there is either the little square 3G icon, nothing, or another icon that I have not been able to work out what it is. It's a little blue square with a hole in the middle. Does anyone know what this means?
Up here too in AU. Time to pre-order...
With the Ipod touch, are you able to add/edit/delete contacts, and write/edit/delete calendar entries and notes, etc. like on the iPhone, or is it all read-only like on the older iPods?
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