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Two watches may be the key to Apple Watch. Everybody talks about battery life but if the watch does a lot of useful things then it mat be worth a watch for work and a watch for home - solving the short battery life and doubling Apple sales.
I should have given a better response - in settings you can change the size of type in apps that support dynamic type and you can use the accessibility settings to make them bold, etc.
I am 64 with cataracts and upgraded a 4s. I have not had any problems seeing the screen or with the new gestures. I am sure that the narrow type can be difficult and the swipes are in new places - but overall the new features are worth the effort.
I remember a comment by or about Jobs that said he had to keep Jony from going overboard. I don't have a real problem with the animations but they take "time" and draw your focus away from the task. A less dramatic transition would have been welcome, but overall the UI is an improvement.
Good point, I am just more of a minimalist.
Overall I really like iOS 7, especially the intuitive pull down/up/swipe menus, but I can't help but feel that the "Jony Ive's" modern animations between screen changes, and maybe the new font, will quickly become the "skeuomorphisms" of the future. 
Frequently iPhone Sync to iTunes on a PC or Mac does not transfer a Voice Message or other specific file. There are dozens of3rd party programs that are supposed to transfer and convert files, but some do not work and may corrupt the file - making recovery impossible. If you have trouble transferring a file the first thing you should do is a manual backup of your phone using iTunes (you don't need to change the default backup method, just do a onetime backup). Then...
The first major test for Tim Cook has nothing to do with innovation, it is whether or not Cook can manage everything at once. The latest iPhone iMovie update generated tons of one star ratings reminiscent of Mobile-Me. Apparently it is a very buggy release that caused data loss for users. Yesterday we saw corrupt app downloads. How well Cook solves these issues in the shortest time frame, and satisfies users that the solutions are "amazing", will tell us if Apple itself...
[QUOTE=AppleInsider;1904126]Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Apple's highly anticipated next-generation operating system, is now available to purchase on the Mac App Store for $29.99, weighing in at 3.49GB] Apple Store download took about 1 1/2 hours plus 1 hr install on 2 yr old MacBook Pro. Only slight hiccups on download (two minor retrys) - basically a pleasant experience if you have a bit of patience.
New Posts  All Forums: