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On the contrary, this device is extremely accessible to less wealthy individuals. For the first time in history, $350 will get you the same functionality as $17,000.On the other hand, if you want gold or other premium materials, you need to pay for them.Now you are just trolling. The preorder numbers have been anything but small. They have quite literally taken everyone by surprise including Apple, who is now struggling to ramp up production to meet demand.
So, who won?
Dec 31, 2004 -> $4.635 (adjusted for splits)Dec 1, 2014 -> $118.81(opening price, source: yahoo finance) Modeling as continual growth; Average return over 10 year period: ~32.4%/year Whoever says it's 10% is either insane or a blatant troll.
Estimate or not, that was the number Slurpy was talking about. Notice how he prefaced his post with "if true". It's a bit disingenuous to compare his post with a completely unrelated number then criticize his math.
I don't know where you got the 957k figure, but Slurpy was clearly talking about the 2.3MM figure.
I played with one today. Didn't notice any lag, but I was only using builtin apps. I think the reviewer was referring to third party apps having lag. The demo watches don't have any third party apps.
 Actually, I tried the link on today. My lasting memory was thin and light. Still loved it though; the link removal system is absolutely brilliant. Can't wait for mine to get here.
What a freaking mess. And now they want Apple to foot the bill caused by their incompetence...
It seems probable though. The article says they have been producing this art for years and Apple has only recently featured them. Furthermore, Apple is featuring them because they do their work on iPads, not because of their specific style.
Maybe it's just me, but I don't see a market for most of this. The metronome thing could easily be done with a third party app on the Apple Watch. The water bottle has been done before, and anyway most people don't have a problem just drinking water. Who wants to carry an extra cell phone around just so they can avoid pulling their iPhone out to make a call? Answer: nobody. The air thing looks cool, but again it's been done. If they can make it cheap maybe they'll have a...
New Posts  All Forums: