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 I don't think automatic means what you think it means.
I sure hope so, but I do remember Cook saying something about an April release.
Smart move
well, the fact that the home button doesnt cause the iPhone to shut down probably helps...
Not on an iMac/MacPro. Even on a laptop the power button isn't a normal place to rest your finger, so it isn't worth the extra engineering to integrate them.
I have kept my original mini up to date.Safari sucks (especially on AI), but otherwise it's not too bad.
I think it's a design patent that was infringed.Seriously, this guy copied the look and feel of the BB keyboard even more slavishly than Samsung copied the iPhone. That's saying quite a bit right there.
Completely agree. I think that if you have the depth of knowledge about a company that many people on this forum have, you are probably taking on less risk than someone who throws money around semi randomly in the name of diversification.
Fuçk No!
Unfortunately, I think this is going to turn out to be a total abandonment of the word "free" within the app stores (indeed, Apple have already done this). There will continue to be no distinction between freemium and other apps that have no purchase price. Other than the time it takes to install and remove the app, there is no damage. In fact you could (as I do) check the "in app purchases" tab before downloading the app to avoid wasting even that time. I agree, it is...
New Posts  All Forums: