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The effect of light on the circadian rhythm is a real phenomenon studied by real scientists.OTOH, dismissing an idea about which you know nothing is about as unscientific as you can get.
It should. In fact, it should expire after a single use. The point is that many websites don't have their security strategy totally figured out, so we can't take things like this for granted.
No, they republished it. It's near the top of today's stories (at least on the iPhone app), that doesn't happen when someone just replies to an old thread.
Total nonsense. There's no mystery about the weight of the case. Apple reports it as 1.9-2.4oz (http://www.apple.com/shop/buy-watch/apple-watch-edition/38mm-18-karat-rose-gold-case-white-sport-band?product=MJ8P2LL/A&step=detail). That puts the pure gold content at 1.4-1.8oz. The author of that article is clearly pulling 0.5oz out of his ass.
No. Family sharing keeps members' purchases separate while allowing you to download from each other's purchases. You would have to open iTunes, go to purchases, then switch from your to you wife's purchase list and download manually. Works the same for iBooks and the App Store.
The family music subscription allows each Apple ID in your family sharing (up to 5, I think) to have its own music profile just as if each one had purchased its own subscription.Family sharing for purchases works the same way it always has.
They might, but they probably wouldn't have in the time it would take Apple to release a fix.On the other hand, thanks to this jackass they now know exactly how it works and have some time to put it to use before Apple can roll out a fix.
Apple's haptic feedback is at the point where a person could use a virtual button and think it's real (and thus get the psychological satisfaction). The first time I used the new taptic trackpad I thought it was the old one until I realized the click on the top was way better than any mechanical trackpad could ever hope to be.
It is used by some to track a woman's cycle and predict fertile times. There are systems and classes that train women (and their partners) how to do this. I believe they use color and quantity in their judgement. There are also systems that use body temperature, which is why it is included with reproductive health.Personally, I am really glad to see Apple include tools for naturally managing reproductive health.
 No, Maps is the least relevant example. Apple only made their own mapping service because Google withheld features and treated Apple customers as second class citizens. As a direct result of that, we now have a new and improved Google Maps app for iOS. Additionally, when people complained about Apple Maps, Apple actually advertised alternative providers. As for Maps being the default, I think that location services is baked too deeply into iOS to be easily replaced by an...
New Posts  All Forums: