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Apple's haptic feedback is at the point where a person could use a virtual button and think it's real (and thus get the psychological satisfaction). The first time I used the new taptic trackpad I thought it was the old one until I realized the click on the top was way better than any mechanical trackpad could ever hope to be.
It is used by some to track a woman's cycle and predict fertile times. There are systems and classes that train women (and their partners) how to do this. I believe they use color and quantity in their judgement. There are also systems that use body temperature, which is why it is included with reproductive health.Personally, I am really glad to see Apple include tools for naturally managing reproductive health.
 No, Maps is the least relevant example. Apple only made their own mapping service because Google withheld features and treated Apple customers as second class citizens. As a direct result of that, we now have a new and improved Google Maps app for iOS. Additionally, when people complained about Apple Maps, Apple actually advertised alternative providers. As for Maps being the default, I think that location services is baked too deeply into iOS to be easily replaced by an...
There is definitely data passing between the watch and the display stand. The built in iPad dynamically updates to provide information about the current screen/app as you play with the watch. This could be done via Bluetooth, but I would bet they are using the port for the sake of robustness and efficiency. The whole setup is pretty slick and goes way beyond the regular in store displays that Apple normally uses.
On your iPhone: Apple watch app -> Workout -> enable power save mode. Says it works for walking/ running, but might work on other workouts too. You could also use a third party Bluetooth chest strap.Weight training is a non-aerobic activity. It therefore does not burn many calories nor lend itself to heart rate training. That's a biological fact; not an "issue" that a tech company can fix.
I was wondering that as well.🖖🖖
In addition, it is now officially forbidden from Apple's newly announced Made for Apple Watch program.
Yup. Inductive charging bands are a no-go. Most interesting bit is this : These lugs look identical to the classic buckle lugs, and there is a video (that I won't link to because it was made by the tool that started bendgate) showing how to attach a conventional watch band to the Apple Watch. I would love to see these become available to the general public or, barring that, used on an otherwise cheep band that one wouldn't mind buying simply to harvest the lugs.
Yes, that was Reserve Strap's original plan, but using the diagnostic port is much more efficient on top of not blocking the wrist/HR sensor.
Buying and selling is a two sided process. I believe the company is worth a lot more than current market value. So do a lot of shareholders. If we didn't, we would have sold already. If you want to buy the company, you have to convince people like us to sell.I don't know why this is so hard for people to understand. Imagine someone evicting you from your home and forcing you to sell at market value.
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