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I realize all this, but a guy can hope.I don't know who I'm kidding though, I'll probably end up getting the Apple adapters.
Both the video adapters (vga & hdmi) also include another usb-c port for power and a usb-a port for data. The downside is they cost $80 each... Hopefully there will be less expensive options hitting the market soon.
Well, we are less than two weeks out, and they haven't announced a preorder. I think it's safe to assume it's not going to happen. Macs don't sell as fast as iOS devices, so hopefully we won't need a preorder.
Firstly, in order to donate his money before his death (which is what the article said his plans actually are), that requires he not spend it now. Granted, he has so much he would be hard pressed to spend it all, but nonetheless all evidence points to him living a relatively modest life. We can argue about the philosophical definition of "selfless" all you like, but I don't see any reason to believe this isn't done out of kindness and a desire to make the world a better...
That's sort of how I feel about third party apps too. If you look carefully at the apps Apple has shown, most of them have to do with interacting with the environment (home automation, health information, airport check in, etc...). I definitely don't think Amazon/eBay or game apps are the way to go with the watch. Apple has said the watch is about blurring the barrier between software and the physical object.You are on your own with the health stuff, though. I definitely...
The app opens on the last open tab, so if you don't primarily use the phone,as you claim to do, it will open on the contacts page. Regardless, the most logical and probably easiest way to use contacts is to launch whatever app (messages, email, whatever) and type the name in.My original point was that contacts can hardly be called absolutely essential (as was claimed by the person I originally quoted). This point is, I think, proven by the fact that the original iPhone...
Launching the phone app vs launching the contacts app isn't an extra step. It's a different step that takes an identical amount of effort to achieve the same result.
I don't think it would be easy to change the defaults. Many of the apps you list are deeply integrated into iOS in a way that no third party/optional app can be. For example, the maps app feeds data to calendar, contacts/ phone, Siri, Notification Center, any app that wants a map (such as my weather radar app), and is probably responsible for generally handling location data throughout iOS.
What extra step? The contacts app is literally exactly the same as the phone app except it has the keypad, favorites, recents, and voicemail tabs removed. It adds zero extra functionality; it only duplicates functionality.In fact, I just tried a spotlight search for a contact, and when I selected one it launched the phone app rather than the contacts app.
I agree. That's why I put them all on the second (/third, etc...) page of my utilities folder. I never even know they're there.Actually, I never understood why they added a contacts app to the iPhone. On the original iPhone you just go to the contacts section of the phone app. That's still what I do today.
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