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Not necessarily. If they lose all their business as soon as they try to take a profit, they aren't really doing it by choice.They "choose" to not take a profit because their business model would collapse if they did.
They still get you locked into a 2 year contract.
This is what I am doing, but I am still creating a new partition for Yosemite. That way I still have access to all my files and programs under mavericks, and if Yosemite goes ape shit and destroys my main partition (as unlikely as that is), I can wipe and restore and be up and running again in about 12 hours.
Finding Apple guilty makes as much sense as wanting Apple to pay even if they are innocent.The only way to understand it is to realize that the judge is on a power trip and probably doing her best to line the pockets of her friends.
 I don't think anyone here can ethically answer those questions. We are all dealing with Beta software that we don't have extensive experience with. The whole point of the beta is so that testers can run into unknown problems. The only one qualified to tell you whether or not it is stable enough to be used on a main machine is Apple, and they have already given that answer. the people you rate attacking are simply trying to do the right thing by not lulling the OP into a...
 No, it is not. Apple has said very clearly that it should not be relied on in a mission critical setting. I'm sorry if you think this attitude is condescending, but the fact is that this beta has been live for less than 24 hours. There is no way anyone here has a good feel for how stable it is.
TS is right. Every year people get ahold of bootleg copies of developer previews and whine incessantly about it being unstable.It is perfectly reasonable to assume it will be at least as bad but probably worse than usual with Apple actively encouraging people to try it out.
We'll, duh! Anyone who has ever thought about how they use a smartphone would instantly realize this "feature" is totally ridiculous. People constantly and unconsciously move their phones around when they use them. Did Amazon even try this thing out before they shipped it?Did the reviewer actually expect Amazon to include a feature for the convenience of the user? The sole propose of this phone is to direct users to the Amazon storefront.
This is paranoid nonsense. Apple was addressing specific allegations that it conspired with the government. You don't accuse someone then take their denial as implied admission for something entirely different.When read in light of the actual allegations, Apple's response is every bit as reassuring as a verbal statement can be.
That's a poor analogy. If you switch to your Nokia non-smartphone, you will lose a lot of useful functionality. I am not aware of any actual uses of NFC.Can you name even one implementation of NFC that I can use in the real world today (that doesn't require me to live in Japan or wherever and have a local credit card)?
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