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I'd rather have a share of $50MM split 100 ways than a share of $400MM split 800,000,000 ways.
That's a misleading summary of the bill.The law is about whether or not it is legal to unlock your phone (without carrier permission), not about whether or not the carrier is able to enforce a contract for cellular service.
Well, I can't say I disagree with you there.
Newsflash: those people don't know how to manage their finances.
Apple created the iTunes Store because iPod owners wanted a place to buy digital music. They created the App Store because iPhone users demanded it. They created the iBook store to provide people who wanted to read on iPads with another venue to purchase books. Apple creates stores to enhance the iOS experience; this is the exact opposite of what Amazon is doing.
That's not at all what we are talking about...
Not necessarily. If they lose all their business as soon as they try to take a profit, they aren't really doing it by choice.They "choose" to not take a profit because their business model would collapse if they did.
They still get you locked into a 2 year contract.
This is what I am doing, but I am still creating a new partition for Yosemite. That way I still have access to all my files and programs under mavericks, and if Yosemite goes ape shit and destroys my main partition (as unlikely as that is), I can wipe and restore and be up and running again in about 12 hours.
Finding Apple guilty makes as much sense as wanting Apple to pay even if they are innocent.The only way to understand it is to realize that the judge is on a power trip and probably doing her best to line the pockets of her friends.
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