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You are wrong.Apple has already said that it will play music without the iPhone. It will also do fitness tracking (sans GPS). Most people expect ApplePay to work independently as well. Other features are still up in the air.
Who cares where my index finger is when I'm holding the phone? When I am taking my iPhone put of my pocket, I pinch the bottom part with my thumb on the home button so I can activate the screen at the same time. I have done this since before I had TouchID; the only difference is now my iPhone is unlocked by the time I am looking at the screen.
Maybe. I still think the promotional video that I have seen floating around gives a false impression.The technology looks cool and might have some potential in the future, but what Microsoft has demonstrated is that it can do 3D CAD. That isn't too exciting for me or, I would expect, the average consumer. Plus, the hand gestures in the demo look extremely awkward.I could be wrong, but I still think even in the best case, this will go the same way as Google Glass.
New Apple product categories are demoed early because the need to undergo regulatory review that will make the device public anyway. Apple has to choose between announcing early or losing the element of surprise. Apart from the fact the paperwork isn't all finished, the "prototype" Apple demos is nearly identical to the fully functional finished product.Microsoft, on the other hand, announces things like the hololens years before they are ready for regulatory review and...
Cook certainly did say that, but I don't think it's fair to say it was one of their big points. They spent more time talking about fitness tracking, how it expands the functionality of the iPhone with taptic feedback, and connecting with others on a more intimate level.In my mind, as well as the minds of many, these are compelling selling points. I plan on buying the Apple Watch, and I couldn't care less if it has any extra apps or not. That being said, I do look forward...
Sure, but they sleep during their shift. Plenty of time to charge a device.
Spring driven watches work fine. Automatic movements won't wind properly in free fall (since we're splitting hairs).
What on earth are you doing working 30 hour shifts? I'm having trouble imagining a situation where the pros of working so long outweigh the loss of focus/productivity.Anyway, no. If your daily routine is so different than a normal person's, then the Apple Watch is probably not designed for you.
No! Apple implementing a fairly common, not innovative form factor just means Apple is targeting the customer base that made the form factor popular. It doesn't mean Apple is copying anyone, especially Samsung (who is just another face in the crowd).
I was referring to smartphones.
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