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How does this thing differentiate between driving a car vs. riding as a passenger?
Gestures has only ever been a UI paradigm in the fantasies of Microsoft executivesDoes anyone else here find this vision of the future as utterly revolting as I do?
Actually, the fact that the microphone is on the remote means you can't use any third party remote and retain full functionality.
There is nothing surreptitious about it. Apple created the tech, and Apple patented it. There is nothing unusual about OEMs manufacturing something they don't own.
So what does that say about Roku, whose prices are generally lower than the Apple TV?
The problem with your analysis is you are assuming the "normal" price is above cost simply because it is called "normal."The fact is: you have no idea what amazons cost is or whether or not Amazon's price is above or below cost.
How is it possible that does Samsung not have some sort of contract that covers this?
Yup, got an email from amazon today saying that I have less than $2.00 credit that I can use only on amazon and only for books. Whoopty-fucken-doo.
Whatever. I'm not going to argue with the intentionally obtuse.
How is this in any way relevant to the conversation? The Apple TV is an Apple device!
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