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You can always add thickness (as you point out you did). Those of us that like thinness would be out of luck if Apple made them thicker.Personally, I have never been able to keep a case on my 5. It always felt too bulky.
This was far and away the best OTA update that I have experienced thus far.The live stream was a different story, but the update was quick and painless (for an OS install).
I haven't had any problems. The new keyboard is a bit wonky, but that's about it so far for me.Edit: It's also worth mentioning that AI is almost unusable in Safari for iPad.
 Yes, there is. It's on the bottom.
 I'm confident that this is on the device level. I'm not sure how long the data exists on the server, but I doubt it has ever been indefinitely. Apple's servers can't contain all the messages sent by the millions of Messages users around the world.
 Then just what does it allow them to do? Send the secret police to make you disappear? Basically what I'm hearing is "it's ok, they are operating outside the normal legal process anyway".
 Yes, it would also be nice to have something in-between 2 minutes and 1 year for videos and audio.
I set keep messages to 1 year, and messages immediately started behaving erratically. Hopefully it is just being slow while it goes through old messages and deletes them...
Hours? The album was given away more than a week ago; iOS 8 came out yesterday.
On the contrary, I would be concerned if Apple weren't changing. Nobody can be Jobs like the original. Apple needs to be the best it can be right now; not trying to recreate the past.
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