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Good for you. I suspect you are in the minority, though.
On the contrary, with the Apple Watch coming I prefer to have a larger screen phone tucked away for when I need in depth interaction and use the watch for lightweight interaction.I also love the new direction the design is taking. The curved screen makes the screen pop out at you, and I can see some of the design philosophy of the Apple Watch coming through.
I agree that it's fake, but why would Apple keep the 5c? I would think they would drop it like they normally do and phase out 32 bit processors.Then again I thought they would kill off the iPad 2 to phase out the 30 pin connector, but I was wrong.Is that a joke?First of all, the iPhone 6 is the lightest iPhone ever made (maybe even lightest smartphone of them all).Secondly, making the case titanium would save very little weight and more than double the manufacturing cost....
I think it is tied to how much you are paying. I've used Apple Pay at Whole Foods twice. Once, I had to sign (>$100), second time I didn't (~$30).I believe it is either the store or the banks clinging to the fantasy that signatures make it more secure.
Nothing. I still want security measures for the times they have neither of those things and still want to search my phone.Call me paranoid if you want. The fact is, it happens.
The difference here is that the cases have been presented.
I've noticed that the newer terminals at Walmart have chip readers that don't have NFC. I sort of expected that from Walmart who is actively trying to destroy ApplePay, but then I noticed the same terminal in my local grocery store.Though I do believe Samsung is betting on the wrong horse. Those digital credit cards that have been popping up recently look like a better solution to me.
I expect that we'll come to a point where liability for CC fraud will be on the merchants who allow their customers to pay with swipe. When that happens, and I expect it to take a lot less than 10 years, merchants will suddenly be in a hurry to switch as many people to chip as possible. The magnetic swipe might only be available for gift cards and the like.
Your analogy doesn't work either, because, unlike BetaMax, Apple was contractually required by the record labels to include DRM in the iPod. The other company exploited a flaw in Apples DRM to defeat the system. When Apple patched the flaw (as was no doubt required by contract), the exploit stopped working.That's all that happened here. Apple wasn't trying to maintain a monopoly or bully another company. They were just trying to fulfill their contract.And yes, Apple...
Why would it be unpopular? It is pretty clear from available evidence that the latter possibility is what actually happened. The only thing that's unpopular is trolls and lawyers trying to convince an ignorant court system that the former and the latter are really the same thing.
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