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I still have a 4s iPhone and lately, when I visit places such as macdailynews.com or idrudgereport.com, the phone then sometimes links to another page or opens the app store app. And that effing infuriates me to no end.    Is there a way to stop this? I hope so because if this is the new normal in mobile smart phones, I'll probably be buying a basic flip phone for my next phone.   And while I'm griping, is there also a way to stop those little pesky banners that...
This:http://archive.org/web/ There was a button on the last version of safari that I would often use (and sometimes inadvertently hit) that sent the page address you had open to this site where it would save the web page. Its gone I think...
I downloaded safari 7.1 and noticed that I don't have the "wayback" button anymore to archive websites. Anybody notice this?    i
Thanks!   :)
I need a new battery for my iPhone, does anybody know any trusted stores that sell OEM batteries?
Thanks Shell Dweller, it's the exact thing I was looking for!     Can't wait to upgrade now...  
My girlfried is getting close to switching to a MacBook pro and I can't now support this move. Why? Because of the following:   1) Integrated graphics 2) Soldered on Ram 3) Soldered on HD 4) No DVD/CD drive 5) No Ethernet connector 6) No Anti-glare screen option.   WTF is Apple thinking and doing? iOS7 with it's pre-teen look is another Apple blunder in my opinion.
This article is about MacBook Pro's and as such, the story should be about why it doesn't come with a discrete and more powerful video card instead of whooping up the integrated graphics.   Integrated graphics suck suck and suck. 
Nobody here uses the calendar?...
Does anybody here who is running 10.9 know if the calendar has the option of different snooze times (for appointments) other than 15 minutes that 10.8 has?   I liked the old calendar in 10.6 (my favorite OSX so far). 10.9 looks really good and I am going to install it once I am sure it doesn't get rid of something else that I like in OSX.    Any changes from 10.8 to 10.9 that people don't like? 
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