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There is a reason apple is keeping SIRI as a beta product. These idiots should be made to pay the legal fee when the case is dismissed.
I work in the area of energy storage and when I heard about the new iPad charging slower than iPad2 I knew that apple is doing something really good here. For those who are familiar with Li-ion battery technology. A li-ion cell should ideally be charged in a CC-CV (constant-current constant-voltage) mode at C/10 or if possible at C/5 rate and finally a tickle charge till charging current reaches 3%. This means that if the battery capacity is 1000mAh it should ideally be...
I say well done to police department. Those people who are defending/complaining of the string operation will sing a different tune if their smartphone or tablet is stolen. It don't matter if you are a buyer of stolen property, you are still encouraging stealing. Think about a society where no one buys stolen property. Why will theft occur then? Now is the time to start a campaign against ebay to stop listing stolen property.
I'm really sick of hearing about these spammers. I guess if every country in the world sets up a death penalty for spamming will the problem alleviated.
I purchased a 13" air 128gig model on Aug 6 from amazon.com using 20% off coupon (final price $986). Amazon says its expected to deliver between Aug 30- Sep 22. I am happy to wait than pay almost double of my discounted price :-)
Good one :-)
In my case iphone 4 did had a casualty in the form of my sony point and shoot. Now I only have a Nikon dslr for serious picture taking and iphone 4 as point and shoot. Makes my life much less complicated...
I hope ur items gets stolen. Stop posting ur scam here... (deleted spam quote)
Wow still no trim support for 3rd party SSD. I have a Kingston V+ 256GB SSD and it shows no trim.
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