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Heh. No. For average Mac users (read: the 90+% that don't care enough to troll these kinds of message boards), they wouldn't turn to a windows-based system as an alternative. Every mac user I've ever met (and I worked for Apple for several years) who used the system by choice, has essentially vowed never to return to a Windows OS again. And for the majority of those people installing OSX on a PC is just way over their heads. What Psystar is doing is offering an...
I love Apple to death, and would never dream of buying non-apple branded hardware. ... but .... I'm really hoping Psystar wins. For us, the consumers, only good would come from it. It would force Apple to upgrade their systems faster, because if they don't people will have the choice to go elsewhere. Currently that choice simply doesn't exist. I mean hell, they had a system available LAST YEAR with a blu-ray drive installed. Where is apple's blu-ray option? ...
How do I subscribe to this? I'd like daily updates on his eating habits, commute experiences, and bowel movements too please! :P I jest only to cover suppressed imaginings of Apple sans Jobs in the future.
Still no Blu-ray support? -_- Pathetic.
That's quite cool, but unfortunately web apps are extremely difficult to advertise, whereas the App Store in iTunes takes care of that for you. Unless you're a massive company like Google, that is.
*ahem* So where will the Serial Number go?
Was pricing graphics cards for my 2008 Mac Pro and as usual I keep tripping over the fact PC Graphics cards are a fraction of the price. From what I hear the Nvidia 9800 GT uses the same architecture as the Nvidia 8800 GT, and uses the same drivers. I've heard that people have been able to "Flash" the rom of a PC Graphics Card with the rom of a Mac Graphics Card and have them function as though they were the Mac Model. My system already uses a Nvidia 8800 GT. So my...
It could work well if it had the ability to detect the position of your head via your iSight camera, and adjust the 3d space accordingly. Could be like looking into a little room within your computer.
Post retracted. Continue discussion.
Teh !!
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