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The Mac mini has an HDMI (female) output and the Samsung monitor has a DVI (male) input. My proposal is to get a short port saver HDMI cable (male/female) to avoid having a big massive adapter hanging off the HDMI connector on the back of the mini, and an HDMI (male) to DVI (female) adapter, then plug the port save into the HDMI port on the mini and plug the monitor into the DVI side of the adapter. That way I have the Apple cinema display on the mini displayport via...
If I use the mini-DisplayPort to DVI adapter and hook it into the DVI to ADC adapter I should be able to get my 20" Apple cinema display to work with the mini. And I see a number of HDMI to DVI adapters that are candidates to connect the Samsung to the mini HDMI port. Is there anything I need to be aware of other than that male/female matching should be appropriate?
Sorry for not using the right words. I am informed that the connector on the Apple cinema display is called an Apple Display Connector and as such will not plug into the HDMI connector on the mini. Perhaps there is a third party adapter that does that conversion?
That adapter comes with the mini and handles one display. How do I get the other one up simultaneously?
I am contemplating a move off of my ancient mirror door G4 to a new Mac mini but part of the motivation for a mini vs an iMac is that I already have a 20" Apple Cinema Display plus a 22" Samsung. The 20" Cinema display has an Apple Display Connector input and the Samsung has a DVI input. Does anybody know of a good way to connect them to a new mini so that I can use them as an extended desktop? Doc
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