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It is free until you decide to send the Mac in for service etc. They fixed my ipod on the spot for free, the casing was coming of. My local genius is friendly and honest. Good Luck.
Whenever my Apple bluetooth mouse is connected, and I leave it, it does not disconnect automatically, and the "connection lost" image does not flash. This is more annoying than anything, any ideas how to fix this?
Never really realized that, even tho I have seen/read about the Linux on some pods... I stand corrected
Hmm, I was under the impression that iChat memorized window sizes, and that mine were all just off a little bit.
I'm in the same boat. I have a shared plan with 2 other individuals, we pay about 130$ bucks to Sprint monthly, are in a 2 year contract and are having the worse experience ever. Coverage sucks, phones suck, I'm waithing to save up the 150$ ish bucks that it costs to break 2 year agreement and move on. I definately try to keep you away from sprint, its the coverage thats the final nail in the coffin for me.
*sigh* Hate to pester, but... bump?
That is a very acceptable opinion, given that it is supported, but one cannot expect complete understanding when all that is asked is perhaps the most common newbie question, "when will the powerbooks be updated?"
Hmm, I don't quite understand what this "xPod" would do? Wouldn't it need a processor, if processor then main board, and some sort of memory other than HD? I guess before I could accept it as possible I would have to understand more. But it sounds like a good concept, as usual coming from you Lemon.
I'm sorta in the same situation, I want a display, but I've already got my PB with Apple Care, I'm wondering if Apple Care is available on the displays, and if it is recommended to work the system to have the Apple Care on it?
I imagine that if they built in some sort of "legs" it would make quite the effective table aswell, you could eat your breakfast on in in bed. Seriously tho, if you want something that big and impractical, seems like you needa Powermac, not Powerbook.
New Posts  All Forums: