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Seriously though it's not an ICBM test, those are announced weeks in advance for the obvious reasons. Maybe a flare?
Incumbent Re-Election Rates In The 2010 Mid-TermsA few percent below historic rates, and yes seats did flip parties, but we can expect the same old same old in the future apparently.
Welcome to the 1990's. Chemtrails, really?
Solar panels are nice if you can afford them. (My main complaint with 'Green tech' - the prices are currently artificially inflated to the extreme) One question: do you need to go up on the roof and clean them occasionally to maintain efficiency, or does rain do enough to do the job? (Serious question, not trying to be snarky)
Probably so, but that would be asking allot from the average person, IMHO. (Only being partly snarky here)I said I didn't think Obamacare was the solution; your idea for medicare sounds like what I was talking about. I just get upset when people suggest our current system is all sunshine and lolipops, it's actually middle of the road when compared worldwide. For example, Costa Rica is generally rated as the best life expectancy and best overall health care, and they have...
You do have a point on the costs, but our wonderful privatized health care system is just so great...oh, wait.I know some people who work 39 hour a week 'part time' jobs at Wal-Mart who aren't eligible for corporate health program, can't afford an individual one and have to resort to using the emergency room for basic health care. (Wal-Mart is just an example) There would be funding issues to overcome with a full British style system, but our current system does not...
Wasn't sure where else to put this.
Guess the religion? (FineTunes, no cheating!)
Well Gates supports repeal of DADT, so it's ultimately going to happen unless he's replaced. Apparently he wants the change to come through Congressional action versus a judge's ruling, so I'm not sure what's going to happen in the short term. FWIW from what I've been reading this week on military boards I frequent the majority of service members wouldn't be phased by DADT being withdrawn, though this is hardly a scientific survey.
Not sure if you got it or not, the professional groups for those careers that I mentioned above have all released statements supporting AGW, so of course nobody questions their credentials as climatology experts. \In other news, has this been posted yet?Royal Society Humiliated by Global Warming Basic Math ErrorAlso, that idea to use readings from the weather ships is intriguing. Some room for errors though with the way they have the data collection set up, also lots of...
New Posts  All Forums: