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Themes are already implemented in OS X, just not in the same way they are in other OSs. There is Aqua, Brushed Metal, and the new "pro" thing. However, unlike other desktop environments (like Windows, KDE, Gnome), the developer decides what theme is to be applied to a program, not the user. In KDE for instance, the user is able to control pretty much every color & and the look of almost every widget. The problem is that its time consuming to tweak the colors so that all...
Didn't you already post this? http://forums.macnn.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=46&t=001582 Anyway, I was always curious as to how small dock items could get ... it seems to go on forever
Well I hijacked "workerbee" I wonder if that was correct... Oh well, if you really want the name, i'll send you the password
[quote]Originally posted by jutus: I got a new job, going from WebObjects to Cocoa development. And I got a TiBook. However, in order to maintain cosmic balance. The gods had UPS DESTROY my PowerMac G4 and PowerTower Pro. Never, ever, ship UPS ground. Ever. Not even pillows.
Eh, I read the story about that on slashdot... did you really put the monitor in w/ the tower? That's not a good idea ... also try putting in enough...
[quote]Originally posted by groverat: (snip) There can be no pursuit of happiness with socialism, it's just impossible. In a pretty vaccuum maybe, but those of us dealing in the real world and analyzing true human motivation it becomes quite obvious that socialism is inherently against the idea of self-realization and motivational behaviors. Take Germany for example: You have a country with very few jobs because the working laws are so socialist no company...
[quote]Originally posted by iDude: Here's me and the big guy himself! Sorry for any neck injurys. You're welcome to re orient it. (snip picture)
Damnit Mon! You posted this picture to macnn like a month ago, and you still haven't gotten around to rotating them. Hell, you could use the preview.app to do it....
[quote]Originally posted by groverat: My login is an Admin and it's the only login that's ever used. As for all this root madness, this is supposed to be a Mac, not some stupid *nix box.
Not to worry Grover hun, the admin user is little more than a normal user that has access rights to a few more folders than a normal one, and is in the Sudoers file (you can temporarily use root priveledges for installs, etc). Apple has wisely hid root...
[quote]Originally posted by crawlingparanoia: I would love to use OS X full time but: a) I need FinalCut Pro and b) OS X won't start up on it's own yet When I get those two I'll be able to use it exclusively.
It won't start up on its own? I have an imac running os x by itself, and it starts up fine.
[quote]Originally posted by DanMacMan: Until Apple supports my RagePro video card I wont be completely happy with OSX.
Ditto. I've got a Rev. D iMac and it would be nice to have some games... But that's another thread eh? "You people with your old macs, why can't you stop complaining? Oh, and by the way I think I'm having trouble with the RAID configuration on my Dual 800..."
[quote]Originally posted by undotwa: another thing that has changed is that you can drag the icons in column view .
which icons?
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