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Hows does 2 gen old model (iPhone 4) being out of stock, indicate brisk sales... what if Apple only made a dozen? That being said, people buying the older versions are missing out.  LTE makes my phone actually usable now
If 2nd rate celebrities are getting paid 18 million for one season of reality music competition shows that require no thinking, and hardly close to a full year of work... Then Bobby boy is worth 24 million a year for his efforts
  At this point wouldnt be easier to try a third party app?     There are some inexpensive ones out there.
I really don't understand why this gets so much attention. Its one stinking application. To me its like meeting the most amazing, intelligent, beautiful woman in the world, but constantly complaining about some minor thing "but dude, she doesn't understand football.. I don't think this is gonna last" Get over it. Give it time, it will fix itself.
Just did a quick reply to an article, mentioned AT and T (but with ampersand), and I see that the comment was cut off at the ampersand...  its an HTML code that all web editors should handle.
Really AppleInsider??  You dont handle the Ampersand properly in AT "and" T so it cut off my comment?!?!?!
A friend went to his little local strip mall AT
  Here is the flaw in your argument. In some metro areas... not all of them apparently.. but at least in Philly...   HSPA+ is a joke.  Its not faster.  Not even slightly faster.    Its the same.   I think the problem with ATT in Philly is that teh Cell towers are just maxed out with internet bandwidth.   So what my iPhone 4s can theoretically connect and send data faster... if the tower that it connects to still only trickles the bandwidth to my connection, it isnt going...
Others confirming... user in Northern Delaware seeing 44mbps down!   http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=30801066
Well, at least where we work on the edge of the city in Bala Cynwyd.   Several devices all finally showing LTE and pulling down big numbers 8-14mps down and 8-21mbs up.   And thats without all bars lit up. Getting down to the wire... only 4 weeks to go to the big launch.   I will be doing some testing in the area this week... possibly even today
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