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I think in this scenario... Foxconn and Apple are considered one and the same. Brazil wouldnt let APPLE sell its products there, unless manufactured there. APPLE told foxconn to build facilities in Brazil. Believe me... If Apple announced they were ponying up a billion or two for a US plant and asked Foxconn to run it, it would happen.
What about all of the Apple rhetoric that because all the suppliers are in Asia, they have to build in Asia.... Didnt Steve Jobs say that to Obama? So, if that were true, how are they able to produce 400 million units in Brazil when it can't be done in the US?
Video Shmideo... I want 4g just so I can do basic tasks. In my Philadelphia suburb AT&T is so awful, and saturated... doing simple tasks are painstakingly slow. Actually, everyone is bailing to Android
One reason: 4g At my desk on At&t iphone I get .12mb download on speedtest my coworker on verizon 4g droid... 12mb. 100x faster than my iphone Granted the wireless provider is a major factor, but those with iphones on sprint or verizon arent much better. My phone is basically unusable during the day the iphone wave that ran through my building a few years ago and put 100+ iphones into the hands of my coworkers, is now bringing 4g droid phones
On another note... While the kid is trying to make himself sound intelligent and in his mind more employable, I wouldn't touch him with a 1000 ft pole. If I were Microsoft I'd cancel his upcoming internship. I would bet that he (at google) had some type of employment contract which prevents him from disclosing company secrets and technologies... And even if google doesn't care, there are a ton of future employers who steer away from this guy. Bottom line is,...
The "Wait for email" is bull crap... no one who was eager enough to order a phone at 3am during the week is gonna sit back and wait for an AT&T email... were gonna continuously try over and over to authenticate, and in the end increase the server load even more.
HAHA!! When i looked up by phone... I was using my cell number!The reference lookup posted by someone else worked with my home number!!!Scheduled Delivery:Friday, 10/14/2011, By End of DayLast Location:Arrived - Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong, Wednesday, 10/12/2011 Additional InformationProduct:WORLD EASEShipped/Billed On:10/12/2011Type:PackageWeight:0.40 kgShipment Progress•\tWhat's This?Location\tDate\tLocal Time\tActivityChek Lap Kok, Hong Kong \t10/12/2011 \t5:30 P.M....
I am 7am ordered... but no notification. What carrier and mem size are you? One thing i was thinking about, is Apple had to guestimate device amounts per configuration for initial builds. Never having a 64gb what if they guessed lower demand but more people opt... could people in certain configs end up left out in the cold on Friday?! I;m just being mr negative. hah
Doh!! SO at 3am est was up for 90 mins trying to order and gave up when couldnt get through Alarm goes off for work at 7, i try again... and get through ordering in 90 seconds! still says oct 14 delivery
I blame ATT... I am sure that apple has to call into att system to get our acct info... and thats where I die.
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