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It's kind of weird that every iOS device supports Amazon Instant Video except Apple TV...
  This doesn't work, since many foreign countries are willing to charge ridiculously low tax rates for tax shelter corporations to become a safe haven for such entities. Providing legal residence to a tax shelter involves hardly ever government services or expenses, so for Ireleand, Bermuda or Cayman Islands, it's good business even if they only charge 1% or less tax if they can move billions of dollars of profit away from US.
  It's true that there is no legal way for an individual to do that.   But it is perfectly legal for corporations to do that. And this is exactly what Apple, Google and many other corporations do...  
I have a feeling that if I were to incorporate a foreign subsidiary of myself and licensed my intellectual property rights to that entity, and then start deducting license fee payments to that entity from my gross income on my tax return, I would get in serious trouble with IRS. Why do corporations get a break?
Not declaring an absolute BW limit (e.g. 4GB/mo) but using a vague measure like "when your usage reaches the level of top 5% of users" is absolutely disgusting. They might as well have said "we will chose not to offer you service whenever we feel like it".
How about an iOSbook for education? Basically, an iPad2 with a larger display and a keyboard...
Not sure, this is where Android phones are aggressively winning market share, Apple may want to respond before it is too late. Remember iPod shuffle?
Is the "future product transition" referring to the iPhone5? This is the most logical interpretation of this statement, but here are some other options that could affect Apple's revenue/profits:- Significant drop in iPhone 3GS price to enable more prepaid customers- Introduction of iPad3 and a price drop ($100 across the board) for iPad2- AppleTV that is actually a TV (i.e. integrated into a large LCD TV) that comes with a year worth of streaming video rentals
I don't see how Apple can sell 8 million MBAs in a quarter unless a low end (possibly i5 based) MacBook Air is coming at a much lower price point (e.g. $599)
Some amount of reduction in battery life compared to current Kindle may be acceptable, but I sure do hope the new one isn't bigger/heavier... Also, there's some kind of math discrepancy going on with the DigiTimes article: They first claim that the new will start shipping in 2H2011 with extpected volume of 700-800K units per month during the peak season, and then say that the new product is expected to contribute $3.5B to Quanta's revenue in 2011? Even assuming that the...
New Posts  All Forums: