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Wouldn't the upcoming 8-core Nehalem-EX be a much better fit for the next gen Mac Pro? Intel says it has already shipped the chip to system makers, who should be shipping to customers this quarter.
Public companies are required to report profit margins on their quarterly and annual reports. They do not need to break it down product by product, though.
How did you calculate the 41% margin. Even allowing for 15% sales/distribution/channel overhead, if the cost points iSupply is reporting is anywhere near the truth, the gross margins for iPads are much higher than 41%.
This is what I was initially thinking. But knowing Steve's obsession about not selling any computer product (obviously excluding iPods) below $500, a more likely scenario is that the base model will be $499 with 32GB and the 64GB model will be reduced to $599. Such a price adjustment would be inline with newer higher density (8GB) flash chips going into production some time in Q2 of this year and will allow Apple to keep high margins while iPads are supply constrained. If...
Obviously, you have no clue about component pricing:http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...apple_219.html
If Apple can sell the 8GB iPod touch for $199, there is no reason why they can't sell the 16GB iPad at $399 and still make a decent profit. This is the pricing that we are likely to see by Xmas'10 shopping season: 16GB 32GB 64GB ------ ------- ------ WiFi $399 $499 $599 3G $499 $599 $699 Next-gen flash parts will start shipping in volume some time this summer, so flash price won't be an issue. For...
I expect to see the new 6-core (and 8-core?) server-class 5600-series Xeon processors instead of the upcoming desktop class 6-core Core i7 chips in the next-gen Mac Pro.
Is it possible that Dell is offered a better deal to LG on these panels and Apple is facing supply issues?
This is interesting. Just the inventory management use case of a WiFi connected iPad in a building or a 3G connected iPad outdoors may sell a million units, though a full-shift (10-hour) battery life would be critical for these kind of applications. Expect Apple stores to be one of the first adopters of this use case. One can stretch the industrial/commercial uses cases from the UPS/FedEx delivery person to a "dynamic menu" in high end restaurants.
Apple should come up with their own tethering App for the iPad that lets a user pair an iPad with an iPhone over the Bluetooth (or over WiFi ad-hoc mode) such that the iPad can use iPhone's 3G data connection.
New Posts  All Forums: