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There is mention of a "dock connector to VGA adapter" on the Specifications page!
There is another adapter that accepts a USB Type A connector. You can use this adaptor to connect your camera directly to the iPad (using the USB cable that came with your camera.) It is also likely that a USB CF reader will also work using this adapter, but we have to wait and see.
No, actually I was jsut waiting for many posts from trolls with lost of general complaints and no useful content, and you seem to have fulfilled that promise...
Those aspect ratios would be a disaster for a tablet device that would frequently be used to read books (and magazines, and newspapers, etc.)That would be nice. Maybe AT&T required 3G versions not to have a camera and Apple had to keep the WiFi-only version consistent.Looks like Apple will provide some sort of accessory to do this, though having a built-in SD reader would have been very convenient.
Yes, you should immediately sell AAPL short! I'll give you a loan at 35% interest when you get the call to cover...
MS Office support, coupled with some kind of a physical interface to display presentations on a projector would make it possible for me to travel w/o my notebook, which would translate to an instant purchase. Yes, some LCD/DLP projectors have WiFi interface, but I haven't run into anyone who has actually used this, yet.
That is a very good observation. Keeping fingers away from the active area of the screen is also useful for minimizing the "dirt" on the visible part of the screen...
132DPI is pretty decent resolution for most practical purposes, but my guess is that the display resolution (as well as the size) will go up in a future revision and this is part of the reason for the large bezel. 10.1" displays with 1366x768 resolution do exist, but they are in 16:9 form factor, which is not that great for a tablet device that may be mainly used in portrait orientation (for reading books, etc.)
Definite NO on this one. That is an interesting question...
Apple stock is now up +1.85 (+0.90%)
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