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Looks like Apple already extracted sufficient revenue from you. Maybe you are not the target customer for this device?
Another brilliant first post!
You couldn't wait 15 min, could you?
Yes, it makes sense to keep a reliable copy of the data in one place as opposed to a whole bunch of unreliable copies all over the place. I am currently going through the process of upgrading my (non-Apple) work laptop to a new machine, and the pain and suffering is pretty intense...
With a little help from the graphics chip, Video use may translate to 20-30% CPU utilization...
What is wrong with a high-res IPS screen? This is currently the highest quality display technology that is available for displays of this size. If Apple went with something like OLED, they would not only run into supply issues, but also other problems as the OLED technology is not yet proven for displays of this size. We might see an OLED display in v2 or v3 of iPad, not because it will improve the display quality but most likely because it will reduce the power consumption.
And finally the Apple Bookstore: iBooks. It would be interesting to find out what percentage is Apple's cut from each book sale. Since they already have the entire infrastructure in place because of iTunes, this would be pretty much pure profit for Apple.
We might even get the crossword puzzles with this...
Congratulations on your 3rd post. Which viral anti-marketing company do you work for?
Just a guess: You don't read much?
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