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I wish Apple still did sell the white poly-carbonate MacBook. It was beautiful in a way that the black and grey aluminum MacBooks aren't.
I've always liked the 5c, especially since they went the direction that Nokia went with the Lumia 620. I would probably seriously consider getting a 5c even over the 5s because it looks so nice.   Side rant: Don't shoot me, but I really don't like the look of the iPhone since the iPhone 5 came out. I don't like the two tone back. I preferred the solid glass back. I just think the current back on the newer generation iPhones is really ugly. They even added more contrast...
 I've had the Remote Desktop app on my Surface Pro as long as I can remember. Edit: Actually quoted the post I was responding to.
Edit: Removed first post because I accidentally double posted.
Those screenshots of Twitter and Facebook aren't the latest versions. The current versions look nothing like either of those screenshots.
Microsoft is a devices and services company now. What that means is, eventually, you need to be on every major platform. This is the beginning of that. Granted, they'd rather you buy a Surface to run Office on, but they really need to support all the platforms. There's a lot of heterogeneity out there. People aren't necessarily completely inside one ecosystem. (For example, they may be using a PC with an iPhone or a Mac with an Android phone.)  Office needs to be on all...
  At least partially, it's about controlling the retail narrative. With a store-within-a-store they control the look and the presentation of the products.    If you look at how Apple's store-within-a-store in Best Buy's(essentially a tiny Apple Store) and the Apple product areas within a Microcenter(awful), it's obvious why Apple(and now Microsoft) went through the effort of creating those experiences.
It's the opposite, Yahoo uses Bing for results. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple has tried to buy Bing from Microsoft, but since Microsoft is integrating Bing everywhere into their products, a sale is so unlikely as to be an impossibility.
  What I was saying earlier was sort of beside the point. I'm sure Nokia is looking towards profit first. Maybe one of the reasons they've never messed with Android at all is because they want to show complete confidence in their main OS, Windows Phone. An Android phone may make them look like they're wavering in their support.
  Nokia has seen steadily improving Lumia sales, and expects to sell 7+ million Lumias(couldn't find a source to back me up) in the coming quarter. They sell ~70% of all Windows Phone devices. I think Nokia will enjoy great benefit in the short term being the big fish in the little pond rather than the other way around in the Android market.   Several edits: To really answer your question. I don't think they'd be doing as well in the mess of Android phones out there. They...
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