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Well you know crap hit the fan when apple is being used in a same sentence with a fast food place. Super marketed crap food is all shake shack is. They should make an ad with a SS burger, beats headphone and any iOS product. Perfect for the lowest common denominator of society.   And people keep arguing when I say iOS is just the dumbing down of apple. 
Just wasting more tax payers money by keeping this in the courts. Just like Samsung, They need to accept the fact that they are guilty and face the penalty and move on.
This should just be out of the box for the Apple Watch. My new Mondaine Helvetica One (light) came with 2 year warranty and I was given my first battery/service included on top of that.   Apple said the battery would do 1,000 cycles - just guarantee it. If they going to pretend this thing is not a gadget made in Taiwan but a piece of jewelry they should at least act like it.
 nonsense, we have them at the office. People just placed their phones on them and pick them up whenever they need. No dock, wire, finding a port or anything - no need to think about charging your phone you just place it on the desk. They also have tons of versions, you can pick one that stands the phone up. This is another one of those things that everyone will play hate until Apple starts using it like NFC and 5+ inch screens.
Well I guess BOX had to go somewhere after Microsoft teamed up with DropBox.
I guess for the people who also think paying 500 dollars for a watch made in Taiwan makes sense... let the good times roll.
Wonder if iOS 9 will also come with a mail in coupon for a Tin Foil hat.
but, but... nobody wants a giant screen phone! Guess Apple was dead wrong on that one.
Another gadget watch made in Taiwan... At least this one is not pretending to be anything else like The apple watch is.
Nice,... Well done
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