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so much for the iPhone 6.
 Have you read these forums? This is what everything has become.
you do know that you can use a PC as a Bluetooth headset to place and answer calls from the desktop since windows vista, right? You could even answer your phone with a MAC with Phone Amego for ages - It is part of the BT stack. Also, Mighty Text and DeskSMS has been around for like 3 years now - Apple simply blocked the iOS implementation. Only thing Apple did was bake these features into the OS
 It is called a cintiq
So they trying to make a surface pro now. Nobody wanted a stylus, NFC was not needed, nobody wanted a 5inch screen phone... Oh wait!
More money to fix a stupid move. Just scrap all this nonsense and just bake Google Maps back in.
Oh wow thats amazing. I went to the preview show last week (girlfrind works for the design agency for the show). Nice production - even with Bechdel's story being a bit dark, still got some fun moments in there. Good for him.
hahaha!, it is software based. This is DSLR quality as much as the Apple watch is a dress watch. Basically geared to the lowest common denominator in society who know no better.
 Right because a chubby, square face watch made in China is now a fashion statement - Jesus, we going backwards.
My god now Apple doing Day Zero patch!   I keep saying it. Does not matter how many fashion magazine covers Apple buys or how much lipstick you put on this pig. It is just a piece of electronics made in China - and a buggy one to top it off.
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