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 all those ipads will be running office 360, they get payed one way or the other.
no idea why they still wasting time on this - nobody cares about Safari anymore. 
not to mention the CoreM chips are not living up to expectations - the old i5 4300U parts are beating it. Just another toy, why do you think there is a silly gold version?
key word there "Limit"
Nothing, you have one year from release to claim your free upgrade. That is the deal, if you wait longer it is not free.
 Microsoft money does not come from you and me... it is corporate sales. Dell, HP, Samsung, Lenovo and the rest of them will still pay for each computer they sell with windows on it. Also we do not pay retail copy for Windows, we have a bulk licensing agreement - Windows is just part of the entire package. Trust me, Microsoft still makes money off of Windows regardless if we pay for it or not at home.
 Sure that is what samsung and microsoft are saying... Seeing how they in the top 5
Hahaha so the trash can works best with windows 8.1 
It is simple - if you talented and know how to draw get a surface pro... If you untalented and can't draw get any other laptop. If you do any drawing what so ever there is nothing like a SP. 
and Apple welcomes you to the lovely world of unwanted Crapware...
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