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Nice,... Well done
Seeing how the Iphone 6 Plus was made as a defensive move to compete with all of the 5+ inch android phones that were already on the market. And that the "plus" was already being used by Chinese phone makers in the Asia market (Oppo was using "Plus" back in 2012) for some time. This is just everyone jumping on a trend. 
Apple watch killing these type of devices is as idiotic as all the people who thought the iPad was going to kill off the kindle reader (never happened). Someone who just wants a fitness tracker is not going to go out and pay 350 dollars for a smartwatch (apple or otherwise). Specially one that needs one specific phone and charging every night.
Well shows that some people in this country will buy any stupid thing. All I need to see now is someone looking at the time on their apple watch, as they listen to music on beats headphones and eat McDonalds. The power of marketing!
it is not that much more - and you think they do not know the terms?, they are saying it makes no sense to them. It is Apple's service - they have billions of dollars. Apple should pay for the 3 months trial. "For the artist" only when convenient. 
Spotify pays 70% in the US. Apple pays 71.5 but after 3 months that they pay nothing. And that money does not go to the artist. It goes to the record labels. What the artist gets depends on the deal they made with them.
Split view... Welcome to Windows 8
 Err, the same EU didn't think so... that is why they went after Apple already. Now they going after Amazon. One crook does not vindicate the other one. They are both crooks.
Meh, we used to have Phone Amego on our Macs years ago at the studio. In the end everyone just went back to picking up their phone - it was fun to see people running around to find their headphones when they realized it was not plugged in thou.   Good thing iOS finally has a way to text from a 2nd device (even webOS had it) - talk about a "welcome to 2012" IT moment... Not sure who forgets their phone these days o.O
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