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  yep, it is stupidity data - bad enough when they try to do this with the regular iPad, but now the numbers also include the iPad Mini... so now the Mini running iOS is also the same as a laptop or desktop - complete nonsense.
amazed that is all they lost on the RT - really only inventory - put in marketing cost and this thing was a disaster. Surface RT was just another tablet with a mickey mouse OS, good riddance.
  that logic makes no sense to me - you better off ignoring the "slamming" if you think the logic in their argument is flawed. Taking it for yourself if it is beneficial at some point in the future just adds to the nonsense.
  what bad earning?... they made 9.56 a share on 19% growth year over year... but analyst wanted 10.78   it is the same BS wallstreet is doing to every Tech company, including Apple - when they do not meet some self-serving expectation.
  sad day If the people who gave us Constructivism and Tchaikovsky now think that a piece of electronics made in China can be an elite status symbol
well new meaning to "Shipped not sold"...
yeah, we just set up a few IdeaPad U310 (13, i5) and our staff went crazy for them... nice little laptop. Now we testing the ThinkPad 2 for sales people - Lenovo making good stuff.
  where exactly you think they would go? Seeing how the EU also sued them (and Apple settled) they would have been in the same situation - unless they went to what ,China?
exactly, it is not that hard to understand... App Store is just Application Store cut down, Yes Apple made it popular but that does not make it theirs - Just like who ever made Gas Station or Auto Shop popular can claim those.
not really... they need to stop with The iTunes nonsense - One of the things I like about Pandora is that I open a browser and I can listen wherever I want - same reason I switch over to AmazonMP3 for my cloud music service. I just don't understand cloud/digital services that in 2013 have no web integration.
New Posts  All Forums: