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  jesus, it is a the day when a person is a troll in the Apple community for pointing out that iOS is a toy geared to the common. Glad I work with people who think otherwise.   I think Surface with all its limitation has more of a hope of being a productivity station over an iPad any day of the week... It is not at the level of a MAC but it is for sure above an iPad.
  really... oh well, I guess different minds do not think a like.
  Let me pu it to you this way - I use crayons and Oil pastels - but I understand one is not the other.    I'm sorry, but I must think more of Apple - I think they should be able to make a full featured OSX tablet and not be a disaster.
  1) If you think an iPad is for work, well - not much can be done about that. 2) I'm sure that the "limited" can feel that there is such a thing as non fart apps for an ipad (just like to some Crayons are art supplies) but I would disagree 3) Really?... that is just nonsense. 4) You missed the "geared to the common" part of my statement. 5) you did see that it comes with a full sensitive stylus (you never seen a mac being used with a Wacom?) and it is a PC so any mouse...
most talented people use OSX... please lets not confuse that with an iPad
    If you do not get why some are willing to put up with a fan, just to get a tablet that at a minimum tries to be a PC - Apple makes iOS for you.   Just like Macs are not for everyone, neither is this. Being able to load any Font I wish is worth putting up with a Fan... Oh, when I was a junior designer back in 2001 the studio gave me a Powerbook Ti... I'm sure I can deal with whatever heat this generates.
I love the reversal... just like you buy a Mac to do actual work (where the average joe can get by with a PC) and you pay a premium for it - Now we turn to Microsoft for a Tablet that is an actual computer (one for the talented people who can not survive on 0.99 Fart Apps) and the average untalented goes and gets an iPad.   And just like when PC users held the sales figures over the Mac users - so will the iPad users point at the mass sales of the iPad over the...
nice, done... you have to be pretty stupid, young or just to into Apple not to understand why this needs to happen. But I think those are qualities the new iOS era has brought into the Apple community.
just goes to show that as always, the department running Macs are where all the talented people are doing actual work. All the other floors can use iOS toys and Windows PCs to do their "work" A bit sad if you can say you can do your job on an iPad... it is like the Crayons of the business computer world.
well, I guess everyone needs to shut up about cheap phones - half the people buying iphones at verizon are buying the cheaper 99 or free version. 
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