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very nice on an iPad - have this on my GT2 7 after the last update - nice to now have it regardless of what device I'm using.
Publishers set their prices at wholesale - you, amazon, BN or any store owner pay that price and can sell it at your store at whatever you want after that point. Wholesale is how most products are bought for retail.
  More like - one would need to have very little sense of self worth to stick around. That only works until there is somewhere else to go - Anyone that has been in the business for some time can see we all back in 1993... just a matter of time.
Good thing Tin-Foil Hats match iOS devices - not sure Windows ones thou.
40% of Android users wont get it until they upgrade their phones (if they want it) - and - 100% of iOS users will never see it, regardless if they want it or upgrade their phones to a newer iPhone.   yeah, the stupidity of this argument is amazing.
Well as much as this sucks - It is their market. Just like Apple controls the AppStore the Chinese control their local market/economy. They set the rules for doing business in it.
  yep... one would need to brain dead to think anything of this, or a Geek.
Quote: Originally Posted by tzeshan  The sense is why Samsung is doing this back and forth?         who knows - it can be anything from price, to performance to availability - That is like asking why Apple keeps jumping from Intel, to Nvidia to AMD for their GPUs on Mac lines.
The Galaxy S started with Power VR in the Hummingbird - Samsung used Mali on the the 2 and 3 (Exynos) and they going back to Power VR for the Exynos 5 Octa   And that is only for the Octa - the Exynos Dual stays with Mali (nexus 10)... They been jumping from one to the other since the start of the Galaxy Line.
Why would anyone still be using Safari on their computers is beyond comprehension 
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