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well, I guess everyone needs to shut up about cheap phones - half the people buying iphones at verizon are buying the cheaper 99 or free version. 
  The Jury in the US also said The Galaxy Tab did not infringe on design patents. The award was for patent on the Galaxy line of phones.
  You do know that the USA is not the only 1st world country in the world? I mean, Japan, Germany, UK, France... all come to mind. You also understand - that for many in the USA a 200 dollar phone made in China is not a Premium item (Financially or Artistically)... It is like having a 15K Benz made in Mexico.   Also, people who buy an iPad are just people who do not have the talent or money to buy a real Apple computer. Why you see, all the "Creative" yet not very...
They can just integrate it into the ON button like my old Atrix 4G.
great, the idea of another mickey mouse OS is mind bending - now if only Android and iOS would vanish or just stay home.   we just tested our first batch of Dell Latitude 10 at work and they what a tablet should be - non of this watered down mobile trash. If I had one more marketing kid come into my office complaining that their crap iPad made presentation was rejected I was going to loose my hair from aggravation.   If your trash toy app can not meet our...
  "In terms of smartphone platforms, Google extended its lead by 1.1 percentage points, as Android accounted for 53.7 percent of all active smartphone users in the U.S"     Important point.
  you can make a phone and name it iPhone just like I can make a car and name it Zcar.   But I can not open a gasoline station and trademark GAS STATION.
just like I need to follow all the rules in the AppStore - Apple needs to follow all the rules in the EU. Not that complicated.
we get one of these ever year - iPhone was also going to take over Verizon.   anyway, they should all go to BestBuy seeing how they selling iPhone 5 for 150 dollars... Never seen an iPhone discounted so early.
you can get an iPhone 5 on sale at bestbuy right now for 150.00 dollars on contract or a 4s for 50 dollars- the "Premium" price point that the iphone could not go under is already over. Making a 300 dollar iPhone will not change much at this point.
New Posts  All Forums: