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Yeah need to specify Windows RT there... the idea that an iPad (any of them) will eat into Windows 8/pro tablets is like saying Crayons will eat into Artist level pastels - One is for talented people, the other is for kids to play games on. 
not sure why we keep caring that something sells out at the apple store - everything ends up having a wait time now - at the end of the quarter it never meets the hype. it is obvious by now that Apple simply does not make enough of them at launch.
  Yeah, probably by the same idiot Executive we run into that do not understan the concept of a corporate Implementation manuel - and corporate fonts.    half my day is spent now rejecting presentations made on mickey mouse tablet apps with random font selection - we at least get a decent laugh when we open them.   everything of value is still produced on a real OS - either OSX or Windows.
no doubt it is a recreational tablet... it is a toy basically - it goes from MAC to PC to every other trash mobile OS   Talent usually decreases as you go down the line... why do you think most of the Apps are games.
thank you
did not know I was posting in a location where within the context used "soda" would not refer to anything but a carbonated soft drink wich "Veuve Clicquot" is not.. I will need to be more precise in the future I suppose.
  Would have to disagree on both points - On reading, You can set your font to resemble a paperback on a 7 inch screen easily (both size and content) so that is a non issue - On movies - this is not 1979, no reason to watch a movie on a 4:3 screen. 
  first - there is no such thing as a good hotdog... just like there is no such thing as good soda. It is just different levels of confused value.    Huh? You are confusing Mac OS X and iOS. Or something. You're really just raving like a lunatic at this point and well off the rails.   Some lack of English comprehension on your part - by definition if I refer to a Macintosh - IOS would be excluded.   Somewhere in there is a reasonable sentence struggling to get out. Or...
Again, the value was not there until the individual interacted with it - We all operate within our abilities, if an individual can arrive at the same results without the "time cost" you indicate from whatever OS or equipment - that cost is irrelevant because it is not present in their use of the technology.   What "simplifies and enhances peoples lives"  is not a solid phenomenon - it will very from one person to the next - so by your own statement any tablet with any OS...
exactly, or considering a piece of mass produced electronics made in china as a possession with any real value regardless of cost.    at a basic level of success you would understand this is not an example of wealth in any gathering. 
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