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Quote: Originally Posted by tzeshan  The sense is why Samsung is doing this back and forth?         who knows - it can be anything from price, to performance to availability - That is like asking why Apple keeps jumping from Intel, to Nvidia to AMD for their GPUs on Mac lines.
The Galaxy S started with Power VR in the Hummingbird - Samsung used Mali on the the 2 and 3 (Exynos) and they going back to Power VR for the Exynos 5 Octa   And that is only for the Octa - the Exynos Dual stays with Mali (nexus 10)... They been jumping from one to the other since the start of the Galaxy Line.
Why would anyone still be using Safari on their computers is beyond comprehension 
  What are you talking about? the development tools are in OSX - you need a computer to tap into the iOS architecture. You think Apps are designed on an iPad?   The A6 SoC bench marks are pushing a mobile OS that does not even have a true File system - and a subsystem that suspends background activities. If you think ARM is a viable architecture for computing outside the mobile world at this point you are delusional.   no, you just seem not to have made anything for an...
  No wrong again - I need a mobile device so I can edit work done on a non mobile device. You think I go to the office and sit infront of a 15 inch laptop to do design? you think our marketing department hangs out on macbook Airs down the hall? You think we do layouts on Apple Pages? that every Implementation Manual from our clients can be met with Helvetica and Palatino?   We have mobile devices so when edits come to the Annual Report at the time you are sitting at an...
  Yes, but non of the things I mentioned above. I have a Jot Touch I use with Procreate and it is fine - but compared to my Mac and a Wacom it is a toy - every things value is dependent on what you compare it to.   Yes!, iOS is a better consumption device over OSX and Windows - and Windows and OSX make for a Better productivity device over iOS. It is that simple.
  trust me - by your statement I'm not the clueless one.   Every car you drive were designed by Engeniers and Industrial designers - they were checked by electrical engeniers and built of 3d models and sometimes even clay by artist that spent years training long before it hit an assembly line.   That is the problem - you think the "assembly line" is where the bar is set - it is not - just like where people are using iPads to do "work" in a corporation is no where near the...
  jesus, it is a the day when a person is a troll in the Apple community for pointing out that iOS is a toy geared to the common. Glad I work with people who think otherwise.   I think Surface with all its limitation has more of a hope of being a productivity station over an iPad any day of the week... It is not at the level of a MAC but it is for sure above an iPad.
  really... oh well, I guess different minds do not think a like.
  Let me pu it to you this way - I use crayons and Oil pastels - but I understand one is not the other.    I'm sorry, but I must think more of Apple - I think they should be able to make a full featured OSX tablet and not be a disaster.
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