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Bravo! good point... a regular horse head home hammer was the picture in my mind.
  I usually care more about what it says over what my books look like - I've been known to cut them in half or thirds down the binding. They tell the same story regardless, and that is what I buy them for.   It should be obvious by now that I do not consider it nonsense - you never gave a reply that would convince me otherwise - so my response was of equal value.
  to talented to waste my life as a lawyer. 
  Exhibit A.
  no need for sarcasm tag... your ignorance on the subject is obvious. I guess you never walked with a paper back in your back pocket? as for your other reply to my post, same as above would apply. 
  yes, as idiotic as buying a 200 dollar hammer because it is made of brushed aluminum - never mind that technology has no inherent value but the one given by its use.   you should use iOS products, they are made and marketed to you.
I have said it from the start that iOS is the "hotdog" in the Apple menu - the product for the lowest common denominator in our society - but this level of stupidity in marketing really hits the point home. Yes, for a device that is mostly used for reading - stupid people will think that is is a good idea to trade a smaller, less expensive, sharper resolution screen device (nexus 7) for a more expensive, larger, lower resolution screen. Yes, stupid people can not wait to...
Japanese courts ruled against Apple also.   http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-08-31/apple-loses-japan-patent-lawsuit-against-samsung-over-devices.html
no nonsense Japanese. They gave a loss to Apple in August and now one to Samsung in October.   http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-08-31/apple-loses-japan-patent-lawsuit-against-samsung-over-devices.html    Another round of litigation that fizzled for both companies, just a giant waste of time.
  No it does not...   From May 25th, 2012   "Chitika found that a whopping 95% of tablet Web traffic came from a version of Apple’s iPad, and 72% of smartphone traffic also belongs to Apple, compared to 26% for Android..."   You see that ", and" there dividing the sentence? a new thought starts from that point on.
New Posts  All Forums: