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times are hard if all you give a CEO is a phone made in china that you can buy for 200 dollars. I get nicer gifts from our Corporate Printer partners. Give the man a bundle or something.
not sure why anyone keeps track of this guy anymore - regardless of what he says - he just a blogger for hire.
Done, just time for the other shoe to fall in the US - Regardless The FEDs and EU got what they wanted already, Kill Agency Model as a norm.
or they waiting for Windows 8 - regardless, the untalented usually have no need for a computer, nice to be able to tell them apart from the rest of us by just looking around the room. I can understand not everyone can afford a MAC - but at the minimum get an i3 cheap PC and challenge yourself to make something with your time. Whatever its problems, it has a full feature OS.   I always said that iOS was the dumbing down of Apple... now seems it is also the dumbing...
Galaxy SIII not there - just need to survive till Nov 12 when my contract is up >.>
Apple should just say that they are working on a solution - suggesting iMessenger is a viable solution to SMS is just idiotic.
  I guess you did not read CNNMoney today - The IDC numbers are out - they are not sad. 
Great picture for the next time some idiot thinks an iPad with Mickey Mouse iOS is a computer. This is what you can do with an Apple computer and a real OS.
nonsense!...   you need a computer to make the website you visit... to design the magazine you read.... to code the APP you use... to render the movies you rent... if it was not for an actual computer you would do nothing with an ipad. only way you think an ipad is in the same as a MAC is if you make nothing - it is an insult to lump a MAC running OSX with the mickey mouse iOS and a toy like an iPad.   Even Apple keeps them apart. 
  That was my problem with Popular Science... never knew how the text went, or what to touch. I like NewsWeek magazine App.
New Posts  All Forums: