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  No it does not...   From May 25th, 2012   "Chitika found that a whopping 95% of tablet Web traffic came from a version of Apple’s iPad, and 72% of smartphone traffic also belongs to Apple, compared to 26% for Android..."   You see that ", and" there dividing the sentence? a new thought starts from that point on.
    First how exactly you "remove" Google from OSX is a mystery to me... but I'll assume you are talking about iOS. 2nd, the question was how Android going from 26% to 48.27% of web trafic is bad news for Google and they should consider just bending over to Apple. At this rate Apple will not be 1/2 of their mobile revenue.   Also, To enter a market with the mindset that you should simply bend over in a competition because you cant compete before you even try wont serve...
    huh, what is a lie?... the report has Android at 48.27 and iOS at 48.67... Venture Beat gets to the number with help of Chitika’s data engineers, Andrew Waber. Chitika had iOS at 74% in May  Also you do understand that 1.5million activation are not in US and Canada but worldwide - and that 26million iphones is also in the world.
  you do realize that in May 2012 it was 74% iOS and 26% android... how is this bad news for Google.   http://www.bgr.com/2012/05/25/apples-mobile-web-traffic-smartphone-tablet/
The real news is that back in MAY it was 74% iOS and 26% for android. And VB is reporting Android at 50% http://venturebeat.com/2012/10/17/android-smartphones-now-have-majority-mobile-web-traffic-share/
times are hard if all you give a CEO is a phone made in china that you can buy for 200 dollars. I get nicer gifts from our Corporate Printer partners. Give the man a bundle or something.
not sure why anyone keeps track of this guy anymore - regardless of what he says - he just a blogger for hire.
Done, just time for the other shoe to fall in the US - Regardless The FEDs and EU got what they wanted already, Kill Agency Model as a norm.
or they waiting for Windows 8 - regardless, the untalented usually have no need for a computer, nice to be able to tell them apart from the rest of us by just looking around the room. I can understand not everyone can afford a MAC - but at the minimum get an i3 cheap PC and challenge yourself to make something with your time. Whatever its problems, it has a full feature OS.   I always said that iOS was the dumbing down of Apple... now seems it is also the dumbing...
Galaxy SIII not there - just need to survive till Nov 12 when my contract is up >.>
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