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That limitation is nonsense... you can just get a wireless HD usb Kit - we have 2 at the office (wireless to 40inch samsung HDTV) and it works on everything above a c2D 2.4 in our experience. And it was 100 dollars from our Tech advisors.
They made a mistake and they big enough to admit it and correct it - nice to see.
Thats nice - now people who do little with their time can show off how much time they waste playing some idiotic videogame on both an iOS or Android tablet.
exactly - this statement is simple nonsense. Some will regurgitate this stupidity in some misguided sense of loyalty (or lack of critical thinking skills) but most will see it for what it is - spin.   just another sign of the dumbing down of Apple.
All these years building a great OS to end up as the company that sells iOS - what happens when you put hotdogs and french fries on the menu.   The iOS dumbing down of Apple continues.
    If you live in the USA you need San Francisco.
and GOV sales to China...   that way Apple can downgrade the brand in one press release.
Fantastic - Glad to see the UK legal system thinking straight.   As for the "cool" comment - you must be pretty young or not done much with your time to care - after you are judged by what you have accomplished in life, a 400 dollar piece of electronics being cool or not is just silliness.   But again iOS usually represent the untalented section of the Apple community - they need to get their value how ever they can I suppose.
very interesting link, thank you
perhaps - but at this point that is an assumption - if someone can make both work it would be Apple..
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