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same crap... Apple design team just rehashing now.
  so you think there are 89.9 million android smart phones shipped to a warehouse? - if that was the case you would see a decline the next quarter - you do not have that much inventory of anything. Videogames company is a perfect example - once initial software ships you see a spike but the next quarter it falls if not received well as distributors do not renew orders.    You do not keep getting millions shipped each quarter if it does not sell - that argument is...
  iBooks store is not the topic - the system of selling a product that it introduced (and later placed on the entire eBook market) is.   Seeing how the Feds, US States and Europe's competition commissioner all feel it should be dismantled - top it with the fact that 3 of the Publishers already walked away from it.. "retarded Trash" seems possible.
so basically "the market was Trash so no one should care that we came and made it even crappier with our more retarded Trash"   great logic.
done... another idiotic waste of time ends how it should.
you loosing workspace - basically going back to a 24 inch screen.
I guess that is fine for the 5 People that still use Safari
SONY X505 had the wedge design and keyboard long before Apple - 
yeah, Two-thirds of the smart phones were Android.
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