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Fantastic - Glad to see the UK legal system thinking straight.   As for the "cool" comment - you must be pretty young or not done much with your time to care - after you are judged by what you have accomplished in life, a 400 dollar piece of electronics being cool or not is just silliness.   But again iOS usually represent the untalented section of the Apple community - they need to get their value how ever they can I suppose.
very interesting link, thank you
perhaps - but at this point that is an assumption - if someone can make both work it would be Apple..
I care less about microsoft - and yes 90% of the people spend their time on web browsers... because 90% of the people make nothing - it is the rest that still to this day make the sites they look at, layout the e-magazines they read - design and build the apps they use. non of it is made on an iPAD or Mickey Mouse iOS   It is nice that that 90% that went no further past crayons are happy with IOS - but for the rest of us who actually do not waste that much time on doing...
yeah would be nice to have a tablet for actual talented people   iPad is for that group that everything they own other people made and everything that has ever inspired them other people have imagined - be nice to have a tablet for the rest of us.   iOS has always been the dumbing down of Apple - the device for "joe" - who can produce little with their time - reason why it has so many silly video games 
  That was not the premise of the first statement - it was web browsing. Also it was not about "performance" but the inability to use a feature in a real world setting due to a limitation.   A for this: There is little need for Oil Pastels on a job that can be done with Crayons. I could not justify a RMBP if my workflow went via iMovie or iBooks Author - as design/video software they are not much to speak of. Logic depends what you are making.   regardless, we a bit off...
you can disable flash in Android under preference in the browser - it has built in "click for flash"... or simple do not install that plug-in (the Flash argument has always been nonsensical to me)   So no, you experience whatever "web" you fell like. Regardless of iOS or Android it will be watered down thou. 
  No not really, there is very little 300dpi art on the web - buying a retina screen for web is like buying a sportscar because it can go 200MPH but using it to go to the supermarket where there is a 50MPH speed limit. Regardless - Retina display is like a Mahogany drawing pencil - nice, but no real point.
  First thing you do on Android device (or should do) is set your browser to Desktop mode - it makes the nonsense of mobile browsing a bit more tolerable - those devices will not count.
so iOS has 65% and Android 20% of 6.37 total mobile share   Real news here is that most people are not dumb enough to use a mickey mouse OS for their main web browsing use. Most use a PC/laptop running a real OS. 
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