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lots of nonsense. My last business trip from NY to FL we were delayed twice - It was a sea of white cords and iPhones at the power stations at the terminal. They didn't take Stamina Mode from Android and put it into iOS because they hit a "balance" they did it to try and solve a problem.   Also the SD card BS... just say you want people to upgrade for the money. You never been on a plane? you never gotten the awful 40 dollars on board WiFi service?...  I bet he has the...
 Yep,... that is because it is bloatware. But Apple is the one doing it now so People will try and spin it left and right - or just put their head in the sand.
hahahaha, The ipad discovered Windows 8 and the iphone discovered flip to sleep, Stamina mode and Event manager from Android - Oh and Maps discovered Google Maps from 2013... this is getting embarrassing.   I'll keep saying it, the only OS apple makes is OSX - iOS is just the dumbing down of Apple.
love it!, lets make an iPhone with NFC chip that no one can use (except for another idiotic payment system) What year is this?
yeah, you are a minority and they know it. Most people are not going to go out of their way just so they can pay with a phone.
I just got invite last night for my SP. My Surface Pro / MacPro combination has been the best workflow set up in my 15 year career - cant imagine walking out of my home with a computer I cant Draw on now.    Wonder what the Cintiq Companion 2 and Vaio Canvas plans are for upgrade. 
Apple needs to stop crying. They went and fought the Feds and lost, now they getting the screws put to them. The feds do not care if they are Apple just like they do not care how big FIFA thinks they are. This is just going to make things worst.
so much for the iPhone 6.
you do know that you can use a PC as a Bluetooth headset to place and answer calls from the desktop since windows vista, right? You could even answer your phone with a MAC with Phone Amego for ages - It is part of the BT stack. Also, Mighty Text and DeskSMS has been around for like 3 years now - Apple simply blocked the iOS implementation. Only thing Apple did was bake these features into the OS
 It is called a cintiq
New Posts  All Forums: