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Who?!... wow, really scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point.   let me know when I can get a metro card, pay for my cab or use it at my mom and pops Greek restaurant on 41st and 8th. Till that point I still need to walk around with a credit card in my pocket - It also accepted just about everywhere. it was a Useless over hyped tech when Google wallet came out, it is a useless over hyped tech now that Apple did it.
PhoneAmego and AirDroid... Windows let's you answer a call on a PC since Vista - non of this is new.
looks almost as tacky as Beats headphones
Nothing "pro" about a tablet running iOS
This must have cost apple a bunch of cash. I guess the only place where a piece of Chinese electronics can be a high fashion accessory... You have to start somewhere with this nonsenses 
and everyone at Corning is having a good laugh right now
welcome to mobile browser 2012 feature list 
hahahaha!, cant wait for some kid to walk up to me with a piece of electronics made in china as a dress watch. You know we hit a new low
Jobs is dead, so is... "it just works"  
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