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As a shareholder your only concern is that the company makes money - not all business models are the same. There is always something that you sell at a cost or give away to provide a greater good in the business model - if the cost are non material and benefits the higher margin service you do it - To just go and think value is based on a margin in business is false in my opinion.   As a consumer outside that world taking advantage of those options is one of the few...
Google as a company makes a profit regardless on the margin on the android devices and the Nexus line is not going anywhere - if anything it is being expanded. Also this is not a one company race - the "investment" in the android ecosystem you carry with you to any manufacture so nothing is lost.   This argument is as idiotic as thinking that MAC OSX is garbage because Apple sells it at 20 dollars with very little to no profit - OSX is not the business model. Just like...
Because the viability of the company is not dependent on the sale of the item or its margin - it is being sold at cost due to that reality, it is a means to an end - That is to your benefit. The Nexus line can not be seen in a vacuum, it is only part of a larger business model... as the consumer, the margin on a Nexus 7 is irrelevant - just as it is irrelevant to Google.    You can also see reflected on the partner Google picked - ASUS is a top tier PC component maker -...
take a little time and focus on the name on the device and realize why it is not.
guess you did not read about "Invincea" or the 787 Dreamliner?
why do you care as a consumer what their margin is
once consumers only wanted an iPhone, look at us now... times change - one of the many great things about the tech world.   I for one just use my iPad at the office for testing at this point - my Galaxy Tab 7 from Verizon is a much nicer size for my subway ride, this could be a nice update (have not use much of my data service so do not thing I'll renew my plan)
so you just pick the one analist that supports your purchase - simple human behavior - regardless the one thing this does show is that top Android phones are not free, people are willing to pay for them now. 
  You can not push 10million units in a month into a retail channel if no one is buying it. Carriers have been taking pre-orders, they have an idea of what they need at this point.
New Posts  All Forums: