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Not one to defend the iPad in general - but this failure should not fall on the iPad/Tablets door, this is a News Corp problem.   To many times did I think the Daily editorials looked briliant (the underwater NASA test chamber was great) but the writing was just awful or simply one sided. To bad, it did look pretty - should just give the tech to a better news company.
  if you really think 27million iphones are enough to supply the world demand for smart phones or that 7.9 million can supply the US market - my faith in our education system has truly hit a low point.   Safe to assume, they going to everyone else.
great now not only will we celebrate when OSX finds itself at 11% to windows 89% - now we will also rejoice in a 56% to 33% difference as validation to greatness.   the underlined stupidity in both celebration is mind bending. 
  Nonsense, this is when most with any sense of talent would agree with my assumption - but I understand that is to much to ask from the iOS community in general, who now think they need to defend any crap that comes out of Apple. From those idiotic Olympics commercials to this rehash - he is already beeng missed.
wow, what a rehash... Jobs must have been to sick to really help out at the end.
about time they give up with this thing - no idea why even keep it up on OSX. You know you have a problem when not only do you put the software on every mac but you even place it on the Application tray at first launch and people still wont use it. 
wow did people even read the report?  - find out what the company is lobbying for first before passing judgement.   being against lobby "just because" is idiotic - if they using their money to convince the government to do something that is beneficial that is a good thing.
  The entire Survey is of for stupid people - it is Data Gibberish.
That limitation is nonsense... you can just get a wireless HD usb Kit - we have 2 at the office (wireless to 40inch samsung HDTV) and it works on everything above a c2D 2.4 in our experience. And it was 100 dollars from our Tech advisors.
They made a mistake and they big enough to admit it and correct it - nice to see.
New Posts  All Forums: