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  you know you can just buy an SSD and put it in a legacy MacBook Pro. Also a 500gig hybrid is 100 buck.
exactly... this never made any sense to me - why am I paying for a sharper menu bar but with 1440X900 workspace, if I go to 1680X1050 I loose performance. it just makes no sense to drop 2200 on this for a design workflow
  numbers are not a reflection of availability but integration - you see the same thing in Japan. The amount of customization for the asian markets being done with Android is amazing right now. Baidu is a step in the right direction for iOS.
well they have to - they being eaten alive by Android in china - Baidu is one of the popular things there they need to adopt, a bit late thou. No point in sticking with Google in China for search. 
    anyone who thinks the galaxy s 3 looks like an iphone 4s needs to have an eye examination.   In all my years I have never seen more far fetched reasoning/assumptions/babble over the ones people come up with to defend most iOS/iphone nonsens
for the love of god... I can only imagine what we would have if the money and time defending this crap iOS for kids had been dumped into designing computers for the talented people like before.   top it off, all this litigation has done nothing.
people still use FaceTime?... just fragmenting the service even more see. It is so limited already it is useless for the most part.
and the wheels start to fall off... this is just another iADS and iBooks - once you see the details it shows it is half baked and hopefully fixed as it goes.   iOS: the dumbing down of Apple continues.
about time - fantastic!... my girl and i have put our entire collection on this - no care what computer we on and now any device!   I was on an all night press ok from hell and I fired up an old PC they had and we had my music running in a few sec.
the dumbing down of Apple continues. 
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