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once consumers only wanted an iPhone, look at us now... times change - one of the many great things about the tech world.   I for one just use my iPad at the office for testing at this point - my Galaxy Tab 7 from Verizon is a much nicer size for my subway ride, this could be a nice update (have not use much of my data service so do not thing I'll renew my plan)
so you just pick the one analist that supports your purchase - simple human behavior - regardless the one thing this does show is that top Android phones are not free, people are willing to pay for them now. 
  You can not push 10million units in a month into a retail channel if no one is buying it. Carriers have been taking pre-orders, they have an idea of what they need at this point.
god I hope so... it would be a sign that a great deal of people are not only untalented but do little with their free time if they can just survive with an iPad.   seeing how every book, web site, App, game, magazine -- you read, visit, use, play, and keep on an iPad are made on an REAL computer - it is far from dead. Again, unless you are untalented or a very simple person even at home - but hey more people drink Cocacola, over a good wine with a meal.   I have...
well have to give it to Apple for effort - this thing has to be one of their biggest fail.
  But not everything can be a one tap feature - not everything done on an ipad, iphone, or OSX are a one tap event yet we consider the outcome as a benefit so the extra effort is justified. 
  Actually that is the strength - if the regular joe does not have the capacity or time to deal with it that is not a reason for the feature to be excluded - those that can and willing will use it. If "Joe" wants to just make calls, text and go online - they can. if the tech savy wants to dig in and learn every feature - they can. The idea that everything need to be Stupid proof is nonsense.
"But it requires that all handset owners turn on a special feature in settings, then tap a series of on-screen buttons to utilize the feature."   Wow if this is now to complicated for the average user we in big trouble as a society.
  Yep, It be crazy times. 
New Posts  All Forums: