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wow, just wow... the apple community is just an embarrassment right now
Great, iOS not only dumbing down Apple now it can do the same to Photography in general This is as sad as crayons becoming the tool of choice for drawing - And they say iOS is not for the lowest common denominator.
done...another wast of time ends with no benefit. Apple just needs to let this stupidity go.
must be an idiot to think a gimmick would be useful
hmm, well with iOS they should try to get it at least to "good" but hey they making money... I see it like a nice restaurant you always went to that one day puts hotdogs on the MENU - you just ignore the stupid people who order it.
exactly... outside of our design stations they also used for app production. why the insignificant 2.9% anyone that says they would deploy Macs for an entire Enterprise is one of the iOS kids that have never managed a business.
A daily dose of Denial.
if you can do your work on an iPad you not a MAC user - anything with IOS is a toy - they not in the same column. as usual, iOS the dumbing down of Apple
you could be righthttp://www.mobileburn.com/18449/news...-for-field-use
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