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so basically "the market was Trash so no one should care that we came and made it even crappier with our more retarded Trash"   great logic.
done... another idiotic waste of time ends how it should.
you loosing workspace - basically going back to a 24 inch screen.
I guess that is fine for the 5 People that still use Safari
SONY X505 had the wedge design and keyboard long before Apple - 
yeah, Two-thirds of the smart phones were Android.
real story was that the numbers did not meet expectations in total... 17.4mill tablets total. So much for the post PC era All these Garbage mickey mouse OS just need to die off.
about every day... you only need to wait 24hrs to read another idiotic justification   "once (place stupidity here) Android is done"   you should not think much of it - iOS users for the most part represent the Dumbing down of Apple. Critical thinking is not their strong point.
    one company tells another - I will block half your stuff - the other one says - If you do that I will block half your stuff -   they both settle and do a cross license agreement - they just trying to make Apple and Microsoft realize they can do as much damage as they can.
AT&T has already clarified this - "Activation" is not a sale of a new device, it is an activation on the network of a device - The 2 numbers are not the same thing in their reports.  
New Posts  All Forums: