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done...another wast of time ends with no benefit. Apple just needs to let this stupidity go.
must be an idiot to think a gimmick would be useful
hmm, well with iOS they should try to get it at least to "good" but hey they making money... I see it like a nice restaurant you always went to that one day puts hotdogs on the MENU - you just ignore the stupid people who order it.
exactly... outside of our design stations they also used for app production. why the insignificant 2.9% anyone that says they would deploy Macs for an entire Enterprise is one of the iOS kids that have never managed a business.
A daily dose of Denial.
if you can do your work on an iPad you not a MAC user - anything with IOS is a toy - they not in the same column. as usual, iOS the dumbing down of Apple
you could be righthttp://www.mobileburn.com/18449/news...-for-field-use
just another example of the dumbing down of Apple.
The NY Times is not loosing any sleep over this - what an electronics company that makes computers and mp3 players thinks of them is somewhat irrelevant.
lol! yeah hard one there.
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