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  It is still a "Deposit" - they can use the money for other things. They basically got a 300 million account. Just because they can not "Invest it" one way does not mean it sits in a room. There are many ways a local government can use cash deposits.
I was thinking the same thing.
irrelevant - most publishers settled, and the case against the other two are there regardless of Apple. If the publishers go down the DOJ does not need to care what Apple thinks - publishers need to do what the DOJ tells them at that point.
well they got horrid news out of china yesterday http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/...8390AK20120410 and lawsuit today, need some good news - even if just a survey of perhaps and maybe
You do understand that the publishers do not take a loss?The publishers (just like everyone else) sells their goods to stores wholesale - lets say 9.99 a unit - the stores set a price depending at the profit they want to make - it can be 12.50 or 9.99 and not make any money (or give it away and take a loss) The publisher is not the one giving it away.if you get a free can of soda with 2 slices of pizza at your local shop - that is not coca-cola giving you that can, it is...
If you want to give a free soda or half off that soda if someone buys a burger at your restaurant - PEPSI comes and tells you - you can not - because they set the price you can sell Pepsi at your store, and they have a deal with the Deli around the corner where no one can sell Soda cheaper over their price.So when you go to COCA-COLA and tell them you want to buy soda from them they tell you the same thing - you have no choice, you sell at the price they tell you to.at the...
nonsense, you have to be delusional to think iBooks is anywhere near Kindle - getting a better price is just icing on the cake.
after osx 10.7 and ios 5, people going to make fun of competitors software bugs? Glass houses for everyone.
Oh yeah, "best" if not including CRTs for sure.I also still have my ACD 30 at my home studio - no idea why Apple killed them, they a joy to work on.
New Posts  All Forums: