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We've already gone over this before, but here we go again. Company B sells 10 400 dollar computer with 10 dollar profit (410 total per unit). Company A sells 1 700 computer (10% market) with 300 profit (1k total per unit) total profit B = 100 A= 300 company A has 75% of profit total goods bought from related industries B = 4,000 (400x10) A = 700 (700X1) now take that and do it X 348million units ranging from 299 to 600 dollars - and you at the tip Now dig down like Company...
Lombard G3 ( Back side cache died ) Ti (right hinge cracked) Powerbook G4 1.67 ( got old ) Macbook Pro C2D 2.5 (still working) iMac 24 C2D 3.06 (glass screen is a joke, Studio took it back) Macbook air 1st Gen ( POS, Studio took it back Macbook Air Nvidia 320M (still working) work pays for my MACs since 1999 - some do ok, some have been very expensive crap.
so total PC sales in 2011 were 352.8 million... apple sold around 16million of those? like steve job said "The war with Microsoft is over, Microsoft won." let it go
yeah it is wishful thinking to say it has failed... I have set up 4 so far (3 to use and one under the tree) for family - they use them to read books on the go (much better over iPad) and watch movies it does both those things well and fits in their bags. At 200 this thing will sell. I have a galaxy Tab 7 from verizon for my subway ride - if not, I would have gotten one also.
yes. and by the time the case is heard and setled the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Android 3.1 will be irrelevant - why do you think they looking for injunctions now?They do this all over with the Galaxy TAb 10.2N? or whatever they call the next one
nonsense. the only thing both samsung and apple are showing is that the courts have no stomach to deal with this. As for "Pay" Apple lost "with cost" so they had to pay Samsung for their cost in the Appeal.
I do not think so... but they did loose "with cost" so Apple needs to pay Samsung costs for the appeal
done... Samsung lost in France and apple lost this morning in Australia appeal in federal court - time for both to figure out this is a waste of time and money
Verizon already said that they do not use Carrier IQ - that is the largest Android Block in the USA
huh?... "A study of 2,300 enterprise workers"... "The survey involved employees at 1,100 businesses around the world"
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