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Dell Ultra sharp studio monitors do not use LEDs so they not in this survey - this is only LED-PanelsLED monitor are consumer grade monitors unless they use RGB LEDs (not the white )you would need to buy the HP Dream Color series like the HP LP2480zx that used a Tri-Color LED (2,400US) I think the The dell 27/30 are the best flat panel studio design monitor under 2k on the market right now
"iOS for for the apple community without talent"so the claim of "having taste" is irrelevant... 200 dollars does not buy you "taste"
"More importantly, we expect demand upside from iPhone and iPad (83% of gross profit) to more than offset any Mac downside (9% of gross profit)," Huberty writes. Great more iOS users... now they can change the name again to. Apple toys IOS : dumbing down of apple will be complete
So much for no one making money with android Just a matter of time before it takes over completely - The dumbing down of the apple community with all the iOS kids is all we going to end up with
I know, I was thinking the same thing. it what happens when the competition is at 51% in your home country.
as long as they get rid of that idiotic reflective glass or give an option to do so it be fantastic - we took them all out at the studio (went back to old Cinema 30s and 1 new Dell Ultra sharps 30) if they fix the screen issue be nice to use them as an All In One again.
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wow, just wow... the apple community is just an embarrassment right now
Great, iOS not only dumbing down Apple now it can do the same to Photography in general This is as sad as crayons becoming the tool of choice for drawing - And they say iOS is not for the lowest common denominator.
done...another wast of time ends with no benefit. Apple just needs to let this stupidity go.
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