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and the wheels start to fall off... this is just another iADS and iBooks - once you see the details it shows it is half baked and hopefully fixed as it goes.   iOS: the dumbing down of Apple continues.
about time - fantastic!... my girl and i have put our entire collection on this - no care what computer we on and now any device!   I was on an all night press ok from hell and I fired up an old PC they had and we had my music running in a few sec.
the dumbing down of Apple continues. 
  The idea that a judge with his credentials is just being "bias" is hard to accept. "copycat"... "slavishly copied"... you claim that a day in court is a must yet judgement seems to have already been past before the case has even been lost by Samsung. You can not have it both ways.   To continue to do something that has time and again proven to be futile - is in many ways, idiotic.    In the end a well respected Judge has canceled the case - hopefully Apple will now...
Fantastic - Glad to see he wont have to waste his time on another idiotic Apple case.
God luck with that - will be as useful as the hTC ones - companies do silly things when they running scared. Sad to see it, but The iOS dumbing down of Apple continues.
this nonsens of an interpretation of that data - at the very least - shows a great deal of persistence and creativity, I'll give Ai that.
it is powered by Vlingo... and Apple did not make Siri they just bought the company and killed the BlackBerry and Android development that had already been announced.
it is called the LG Prada, shown on Dec 2006
Great... Apple used to make computers for talented people - now toys for people that pretent to be talented  - great that everything is just fine because they making lots of money.   Really should just open a new division called Apple Toys - the dumbing down of Apple by iOS continues.
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