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if you can do your work on an iPad you not a MAC user - anything with IOS is a toy - they not in the same column. as usual, iOS the dumbing down of Apple
you could be righthttp://www.mobileburn.com/18449/news...-for-field-use
just another example of the dumbing down of Apple.
The NY Times is not loosing any sleep over this - what an electronics company that makes computers and mp3 players thinks of them is somewhat irrelevant.
lol! yeah hard one there.
12% of enterprise workers that do what? and you telling me that the total number of ipads sold to date is enough to supply 12% of all Enterprise workers? hard to believe.
idiotic Seeing how Apple also does not include iPad sales as computer sales this is a mute point. It would be an insult to OSX and MACs to include them with a toy like the ipad in the first place
my point is simple, if a platform sells 348 million units and another sells 16million there is no battle - regardless of what your SALES market share is 10, 11, 12% in one year - it is running a deficit of 348 million installed units a year. I was comparing windows to osx - exactly, this ended back in 1997. never said it was lower in my eyes - a computer is a tool just like my drafting pencil, value is how well it does the job - I was pointing out a mathematical reality.
We've already gone over this before, but here we go again. Company B sells 10 400 dollar computer with 10 dollar profit (410 total per unit). Company A sells 1 700 computer (10% market) with 300 profit (1k total per unit) total profit B = 100 A= 300 company A has 75% of profit total goods bought from related industries B = 4,000 (400x10) A = 700 (700X1) now take that and do it X 348million units ranging from 299 to 600 dollars - and you at the tip Now dig down like Company...
Lombard G3 ( Back side cache died ) Ti (right hinge cracked) Powerbook G4 1.67 ( got old ) Macbook Pro C2D 2.5 (still working) iMac 24 C2D 3.06 (glass screen is a joke, Studio took it back) Macbook air 1st Gen ( POS, Studio took it back Macbook Air Nvidia 320M (still working) work pays for my MACs since 1999 - some do ok, some have been very expensive crap.
New Posts  All Forums: