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 just like every single mobile metric, little by little Android just keeps chipping away.
  so was I, hence "finally"... you are welcome to live in that past and ignore the present of "windows for pen computing" and "Tablet PC" - I rather not.
it is pretty simple - if you know how to draw or edit in photoshop, get a surface pro (or a convertible with Wacom or Ntrig built in) if you do not get the Air. It is just amazing that you can finally walk around with a full drawing platform
that was 2007... and they still had to water it down.
you know we hit a new low when putting stickers on a MacBook is now a good thing.
well that was a complete waste of time...
fantastic, can this trash headphone company be even more of a joke
They took on 28,000 new workers when they got Nokia, they reducing18k. In the end the workforce will be 10k higher. No idea how this show doom for Microsoft
probably sound better - not that is saying much.
Wow, this is just a disaster! 
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