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welcome to mobile browser 2012 feature list 
hahahaha!, cant wait for some kid to walk up to me with a piece of electronics made in china as a dress watch. You know we hit a new low
Jobs is dead, so is... "it just works"  
 Wow, Samsung is going to have a field day with this one
People are sitting wrong 
so basically it has no NFC, just a payment system. been saying it for a bit now, iOS has become a platform suitable only for the most submissive of people... or just technologically ignorant.
 Right, because making a 4.7 and 5.5 inch phone is not because of what other people are doing.
that is funny, and the stream was a hot mess... you have to give it to them for the fast turn around
We get 1TB for 9.99 a month from Dropbox Pro and it has always been rock solid at the office... Not something I can say about my apple cloud services in the past. Wait and see on this one.
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