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another useless feature for the 3 people who still use it, safari is such a fail on desktop that it is now in the "other" section in market share. Apple just needs to let this die.
you did see that that same reports has 86% of the people going online on a Computer right?
there you go, another web service with no web access. internet radio that needs iTunes to work on a desktop, it is just nonsense. This makes as much sense as their mass market Ad Network that has no web presence and is hardware locked. 
Glad to see them unlock the brushes - they should make a desktop version with full Wacom support. 
Meh - I did the ipad2+jot touch+procreate and it was ok at best. Moved on to a Lenovo thinkpad2 (Wacom digitizer built in) and ArtRage - and it is a much better set up. I guess if you already have an ipad and do not want to spend more money it is ok, but if starting from scratch there are better options right now.   seems to have the same awfull chunky nib as the Pogo connect.
a crap... this is as good as Loeb over at SONY. Tim needs to stand his ground if he needs to just like Kazuo Hirai did.
They can only do public streets... Gates, walls - already limit what they can see.
  Only 21% smartphones sales at T-mobile were iPhones - so consumers are buying all kinds of phones at T-Mobile. some like SUVs some compact cars, all good for T-Mobile
  yep, it is stupidity data - bad enough when they try to do this with the regular iPad, but now the numbers also include the iPad Mini... so now the Mini running iOS is also the same as a laptop or desktop - complete nonsense.
amazed that is all they lost on the RT - really only inventory - put in marketing cost and this thing was a disaster. Surface RT was just another tablet with a mickey mouse OS, good riddance.
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