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Apple bought Siri so not like it was an original thought from the start
 guess you not been to NYC in some time... tons of apartments use window units here. I freelance at a studio in an old SoHo building that has window units
 you do understand that this shows that 68% do not "desire" an iPhone regardless of cost
 yep, Not really competition. Why they not even doing it in-house, having Aspyr do it on contract. It is just a side note.
now we also including iPod touch on the "apple computer" list?
There you go, this thing gets more retarded by the second. You need to put windows in the shinny trash can, they made for each other. And the iOS years continue.
Nice, so now the iPad mini is also an Apple computer... This is like someone telling me they can draw because they can make a circle.   If you do not have a Mac you do not have an Apple computer, let it go.
Talk about cherry picking data from a report - MacRumors has much better article about the data. The 5s/5c did not change anything worldwide. http://www.macrumors.com/2013/12/02/iphone-5c-broadens-apples-customer-base-but-android-continues-to-lead-in-smartphones/
wow, if they bring back a real 12 inch MacBook that would be amazing. I still have my 12 inch powerbook G4 in the closet - good times
welcome to iOS Vista... Steve Jobs gave the job to Forstall - now we know why he never let Ive and company near it. 
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