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to many people Mcdonalds is a meal - to most it is just garbage... if you want to hit the lowest common denominator for your definition of things go for it. Apple makes a Computer, it is called a MAC - it runs OSX... an iPad running iOS is not good enough to be an Apple computer.
Well guess the post PC era is actually the post Mac era... you know it was bad when Apple could not even make a decent monitor.   The dumbing down of Apple by iOS is almost done, now they can go sell cAndy colored plastic phones... what a fiasco.
They doing a wait and see, they not stupid. The numbers include the 5c preorders And China that was a totally different time last year and moved 2million iPhone 5 in 2012... So the real number to beat is 7mill from 2012   So that means you have an extra 2mill upside with the 5c in the mix. Still great numbers but apple mixing in some PR in there. They just being safe.
To bad the new dialer and awful turquoise blue icons in safari and mail are not bugs also
 Na man - everything is a talent test. We get the Lenovo TP2 with the built in Wacom pen from work - but it is locked by iT - i would like my own to do what I want with it. I have an old iPad 2 with a jot touch that I got for Procreate. If I can upgrade for 299 it is a deal for what I would use it for. 
my job is near the time warner center store... if they take 200 off a Lenovo thinkpad tablet 2 and give it to me for 299 they have a deal
 No, he is talking about the Motorola X8 MCS Homemade SoC that they launched in the MotoX. It is actually 2 extra processors not one. 1 L-NLP Processor that only handles Voice recognition, mic and other Audio and 1 CCP processor That handles all the censors like the M7. They both Motorola proprietary chips outside the Qualcomm MSM8960 CPU in his Moto X you can read some...
right, just like they did not once think that there was a need for a 7 inch tablet, or a phone with a 4inch and larger screen, or a phone with a stylus like the Note... Oh wait, they actually popular now.   But hey, lets all wait for the Candy color iPhone and iOS - now we talking!   The dumbing down of Apple by iOS (and the people it brought with it into the community) is just mind bending.
another useless feature for the 3 people who still use it, safari is such a fail on desktop that it is now in the "other" section in market share. Apple just needs to let this die.
you did see that that same reports has 86% of the people going online on a Computer right?
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