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fantastic, can this trash headphone company be even more of a joke
They took on 28,000 new workers when they got Nokia, they reducing18k. In the end the workforce will be 10k higher. No idea how this show doom for Microsoft
probably sound better - not that is saying much.
Wow, this is just a disaster! 
for something that is so irrelevant and nobody really wants they sure do mention it a lot
wow, people still using Safari... you have to give credit to the power of preloaded software.
nothing to do with Apple, everything to do with SONY and the PS4 - they basically matching the PS4.
Crap over marketed headphones with no audio tradition to speak of... And the dumbing down of apple continues.
But wait, I thought it was the 5c that was going to take China by storm, or the gold/champagne colored crap... Now it is the 6?... Another year another pie in the sky.   And the dumbing down of apple by iOS continues. 
well, you have to be pretty young to think that a 200 to 500 dollar phone made in China is a luxury item - or live in a 3rd world country I guess.
New Posts  All Forums: