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  sad day If the people who gave us Constructivism and Tchaikovsky now think that a piece of electronics made in China can be an elite status symbol
well new meaning to "Shipped not sold"...
yeah, we just set up a few IdeaPad U310 (13, i5) and our staff went crazy for them... nice little laptop. Now we testing the ThinkPad 2 for sales people - Lenovo making good stuff.
  where exactly you think they would go? Seeing how the EU also sued them (and Apple settled) they would have been in the same situation - unless they went to what ,China?
exactly, it is not that hard to understand... App Store is just Application Store cut down, Yes Apple made it popular but that does not make it theirs - Just like who ever made Gas Station or Auto Shop popular can claim those.
not really... they need to stop with The iTunes nonsense - One of the things I like about Pandora is that I open a browser and I can listen wherever I want - same reason I switch over to AmazonMP3 for my cloud music service. I just don't understand cloud/digital services that in 2013 have no web integration.
Photography for the Lowest common denominator.
"One detail Microsoft doesn't mention: the current iPad has sported a Retina Display with a resolution of 2048 by 1536 for years now, while the new Asus Windows tablet has an "HD" resolution of just 1366 x768, more comparable to the original iPad from three years ago" that is also misleading... you do not get 2048X1536 real estate on an ipad... you do get the full work environment of 1366X768 using windows 8 you cant do a direct resolution comparison - the OS is using...
If you really want to draw on a tablet get a windows 8 Dell or Lenovo tablet and use ArtRage studio Pro with their built in Wacom Digitizer pen (the Lenovo comes with it the - Dell is 39 extra) and you better off.   We have the Lenovo ThinkPad 2 at work ( windows 8 + Wacom + ArtRage) and I cant remember the last time I drew on my iPad setup  (iPad + Artrage + JotTouch)
  I know Apple uses SONY - did not know Samsung did . It is unlabeled, but according to AllD it comes from Samsung. I mean Samsung does have a digital camera line - Hard to see SONY not marking their stuff, but if it is SONY good for them, they need the cash :)   http://allthingsd.com/20130508/samsung-galaxy-s4-costs-237-to-build-teardown-analysis-shows/
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