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How is this even possible. OS X is supposed to have protected memory, it should only crash the app not the entire OS
BBC? The Brussels Broadcasting Corp which is supposed to be politically independent but receives an EU handout and thus is biased in favour of the United States of Europe
The ones in the EU who make the laws are not the ones elected by the people though. Theyre unelected dictators. The elected MEPs actually have little power. The sooner it all falls apart the better. Its pushing every member country into a third world poor state with ridiculous red tape banning everything
Too right.
I hate those mobile sites. When Jobs first launched the iPhone one of its main advantages was you could view sites designed for large screens on a mobile device for the first time rather than having to have a special site as previous failed attempts to bring the web to mobiles had required...so what to web sites do, make shitty mobile sites with crippled functionality where you cant find anything on them
They already did the X in the name copying. Windows XP was announced shortly after the launch of OS X and im sure the naming isnt coincedence.
We should all give the EU a big FU and tell them to get lost.
How Samsung ever managed to make reliable chips I dont know considering the poor quality of all their other products. Unlike many on here Im not against Android per se, just think Samsung hardware, phones, TVs everything is very poor.
Since when did Apple donate to charity while Steve was running the show? Its only since liberal lefty Tim took over
Our company tried to sign up for their credit card payment device / service was told we didnt meet their credit score. dont know why as we have no issues and anyway we do WE need to be credit checked so THEY can take OUR money on OUR behalf. we should ve credit checking them.  phone rep was some foreign script monkey who refused to give any explanation just told to 'goto another provider'  we did thanks very much and are very happy. wouldnt recommend anyone buy a product...
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