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The problem with these liberal lefties approach to 'equal rights' is that they are not equal they just tip the balance of favour the opposite way
How does owning and carrying a gun protect you against cyber warfare? ;)
The oThe original iMac came with OS 8.1 in summer 98. OS 8.5 wasnt released until the Autumn. OS9 didnt appear until 1999
Yes why anyone uses them is beyond me. Their customer service attitude lousy (and thats if you get someone who speaks good English). And thats my experience as a prospective business customer, I dread to think how they treat customers who they've already lured into their web
Samsung doesnt make great anything. They are the Aldi of the electronics world
Yes hes obviously white as its only the white that see racism in everything and get easily offended on behalf of others who actually dont see anything wrong
It used to be the case in Mac OSn many years ago 'Wastebasket' then Steve Jobs insisted everyone had US English
the actor playing Jobs looks nothing like him, noah wylie was far more realistic
People should be hired because they are the best skilled / experienced for the job. Their sex, sexuality or skin colour is irellevant. Thats true non discrimination. So called 'positive discrimination' is just as bad as negative discrimination.
How is this even possible. OS X is supposed to have protected memory, it should only crash the app not the entire OS
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