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I wish they'd also offer OS X on a DVD. What are you meant to do if you need to reformat the hard disk and do a clean install rather than restore from a backup? This, and the fact that they've made scrollbars so unintuitive, is why I no longer use a Mac.
Everyone I know who has upgraded to iOS 7 hates it, leaving the colour scheme of the UI aside, the UI is just plain unintuitive. Rotate the phone when iPod is playing and WTF? What its that supposed to do? It seemingly brings up some random playlist on the screen which with an accidental press will then start playing. Why? Who wants that?   Slide the screen in certain places and other apps appear without any hint thats going to happen.   The photo  viewer app crops off...
Might have something to do with the tragic state of Mac OS X since the iPad gained popularity. Its slow, painfully slow, unintutive thanks to porting over UI features from iOS such as scrollbars which dont appear unless you mouse over where they 'might be'. I could go on.   I used to think the Mac was great. Now wont touch one.
"One CEO of a privately held French retailer declined Apple's interest, believing that it would be hard to change the company's culture as an outsider. " Then they had a lucky escape. Thats not the person they want.
More EU red tape. Hopefully we'll be out of it soon
I think this gives a better idea of BB10 than the other video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qxxo3Fen_Qw
What about AMD?
Windows 7 isnt half bad but after playing wth the beta version of 8 I wont be in any hurry to upgrade. Its the most bizzare unintuitive interface ever.
I bet he used to vote Labour as well :)
He sounds like 99% of business people over here in the UK. Only think about the short term bottom line. Jobs would never entertain someone like this.
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