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It looks like a list of Sprint regions.
No, it's true. I tried it out at the Apple Store yesterday. The Pencil is exclusively for "marking." It works really well, though. Serenity Caldwell of iMore posted some pictures on Twitter of some drawings and handwriting samples (paper vs. iPad Pro). Joanna Stern of the WSJ had one of the Journal's illustrators try it out, too. The results were impressive.
This explains why the Pencil can't be used to scroll or open an app.
Some more supply of 128GB units seems to have arrived in scattered stores on the West Coast. I think that will be the situation with accessories, as well.
I'll wait for the Hermes version to come out.
From what I recall Steve Jobs was the reason for the delay because the shade of white wasn't perfect in the first production run. In general, launches have been smoother under Tim Cook. However, the Watch and MacBook rollouts left much to be desired. The iPad Pro seems to be supply constrained, as well.
Interestingly, Staples claims to be shipping the Apple Pencil next week.
Supposedly 40 hours. The CPU runs at 500MHz most of the time, and the battery is twice the size of the battery in the 38mm Apple Watch (410mAh).
This is a perfect example of how protectionism is counterproductive in democracies. India needs to encourage foreign direct investment, not discourage it.
This seems doubtful. They just signed a bunch of people onto the iPhone Update Program, which allows for upgrades after 12 months. That plan is popular with people who upgrade every year.
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