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Hopefully this pushes other companies. If IBM, the ultimate enterprise company, can be majority Mac, then surely other companies can make it work, as well. My employer is mostly an HP shop, though the higher-ups can choose Lenovo ultrabooks. The HPs still have a bunch of legacy ports such as VGA, Ethernet, Smart Card (which we don't even use), and a proprietary docking port, so they are still nearly an inch thick. I'd much rather have a MacBook Air (preferably the MacBook,...
A high school friend of mine has worked at Microsoft for over 15 years. His is an Apple house. He briefly gave Windows Phone a shot, but uses an iPhone 6 now and says they are popular at Microsoft. I think Nadella is a lot more laid back about Apple than Steve Ballmer.
 It's a similar methodology to the results for the iPad and iPhone, so they should still be comparable.
These aren't the best ads ever but they aren't the worst. Remember we're in the lull before the iPhone 6s, which will probably bring a new campaign altogether.
Except that Apple said back in October 2014 that it wouldn't release sales figures and would be reporting results in "Other." I think Apple execs had reasonable expectations about Apple Watch results. It's a nascent category, unlike music players and cell phones when Apple released the iPod and iPhone. And even those products had slow starts. This time around Apple is trying to create a category where others have failed to do so. It won't happen overnight. But that doesn't...
The truth is the data was always questionable, and it's also US focused. If Slice said the Apple Watch had sold 20 million I'd be suspicious. That said, I think the real test is this fall. Watches are gift items. Will men buy them for their wives/girlfriends for Christmas? We'll see. I'm sure Tim Cook wanted the Apple Watch ready last fall. Since it wasn't he made do with what he had, but April isn't the best time to be releasing an impulse buy, particularly when supply...
It took the iPhone 74 days to sell 1 million. It took the Apple Watch one weekend. 
The Fashion Editor at America's version of Pravda has zero credibility. Anyone who thinks the NY Times is a serious newspaper is delusional. 
If the S6 is being outsold by the S5, that probably does worry Samsung, since the S5 has a lower selling price.
Apple is basically an investment company that also makes phones, computers, and tablets.
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