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This is a perfect example of how protectionism is counterproductive in democracies. India needs to encourage foreign direct investment, not discourage it.
This seems doubtful. They just signed a bunch of people onto the iPhone Update Program, which allows for upgrades after 12 months. That plan is popular with people who upgrade every year.
 And he sold AnandTech last year after he went to Apple.
9to5Toys is reporting that Target plans a similar promotion. This sounds like an attempt to up-sell during the holidays.
Not necessarily. All Apple said in its 10-K is that Watch accounted for "over 100%" of the increase in Other from 2014 to 2015. That means that Apple Watch sales were at least $1.7 billion. They did not say what Apple Watch revenues were (as that would provide a more direct clue as to actual sales.
 The insane part is that Microsoft is priced at 35x earnings (vs 13x for Apple). While I agree that Apple's spectacular growth rates are coming to an end (there is only so much higher than iPhone can go, and no company has yet found the "next" iPhone), I'm not sure I'm so enthusiastic about Microsoft's chances. Anyway, going private would mean that a small group of investors would have to buy out all the rest. Once you have more than a few hundred shareholders, you are...
 I think this had more to do with the way iOS was written. Since Steve Jobs had declared 3.5" to be the "perfect" size, Scott Forstall never programmed in resolution independence into iOS the way it is in Android. So to make a larger screen feasible, Apple had to re-write iOS.
This is a great story. If IBM can adopt the Mac, so can any large enterprise. They just need the will to do it.
There were some untrusted apps that purported to be able to tell the difference.
They should have had a reservation system. I got to the UES at 9:05 and wound up with the last 38mm Fauve Barenia Single Tour. They had no Double Tours or Cuffs in stock (though those were the only ones available for try-on), and while they were taking down names, it was simply to give them a call later when they came in (i.e. it wouldn't guarantee them a product later on). The Hermes store had about 40 in line when I walked past. I was about 10th in line and there were...
New Posts  All Forums: